Thursday, October 13, 2016

25 Motifs in 2016

I did it!! This one completes the Challenge:
Hen N Chicks square by Rachael Mohler
I completed 25 motifs in 2016. I know many, many other tatters have tatted that much in 12 months. I probably have in quite a few years in the past. But, this year I kept track. I thought it would help me keep track of projects for the house, help grow the studio, and generally keep me focused and motivated. Well, it did!!

Thank you Sharon for maintaining the blog. I know how much work you’ve set for yourself. Yes, I know technology makes a lot of the task easier, but you still have to sit and the computer, look at the screen, edit the post, and then make sure it’s all the way you want it to be. Thank you!

And so, here’s my 2016 25 motif Challenge list:
17: Bead Cap Earrings by Melanie Cervi (no picture….it went poof after the gift was wrapped and given)
20: Motif from Hector Earrings by Nina Libin (no picture....I had one, but now....poof!)
25: Hen N Chicks Square by Rachael Mohler (see picture above in this post)

There! If anyone has questions or comments or would like more info, I’ll be back to check after a walk on the beach! If you're curious what else I've tatted lately, have a look at the Board I have on the other blog I maintain.


  1. Replies
    1. Next challenge: Original piece for the Raffle fundraiser for Bach Festival. Why not dream big!

  2. Doesn't it feel great to have finished the challenge. Bravo.

  3. Congratulations! I'm just getting ready to start the squares. I need to watch the video muskaan recommended as I'll be learning a new technique.

    1. Thank you! I don't consider this alternative split ring that difficult. It's basically using a split chain technique to complete a ring. I found it difficult to anchor my shuttle thread in the first DS of the ring. I just did a lock join around the Bare Thread leading up to the ring. Clear as mud? Don't ask for a video, I'm not putting the tatting down long enough to learn how to make a good video. Maybe Tamie can add it to her list to do after the New Year. Good luck!

  4. Your way works just as nicely ! The SSSRA that Rachael calls, is actually a Dora Young Knot, which she did not know about, and hence came up with the alternate name. She had (re-)invented it all by herself !
    I've fixed the link to this pattern in my pdfs & posts, just in case.
    Congratulations on completing the challenge :-)
    Looking forward to the next round.

    1. I think I'm still a bit muddled in how to talk about it all. At least I can tat it.....
      I'll be deciding the next challenge after I write out several patterns!