Thursday, February 25, 2016

A gauge for stitches

This design class challenge has been a doozy for me. I’m feeling a bit like a dunce. I’ve got the kernel of an idea, I’ve made some sketches.

 But, I’m not making my way down a path to a pattern.

In an attempt to set it aside to see if something percolates up to the top of my brain, I made a stitch gauge in size 20 thread to help in future designs. I can see this will be quite useful. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A finishing

This week seems to be a finishing week. I’m almost giddy with the sense of accomplishment.

fireplace in study
I’m back in the room I like to tat in. My piano is also there for easy access to a keyboard. The computer is NOT in that room. That would be too much. Here’s a view from the tatting chair.

I would still like to redo the fireplace surround and floor tiles. We won’t be using it for warmth; or even for a gas or electric log.

You see, it is spring here. The fruit trees are already in bloom. The rest of the trees have coated everything with pollen. My sinuses are closing up just thinking about it. I hope we get a good rain to wash it all off the surfaces you touch outside (car door, mail box, trunk handle….you get the idea).

Now to settle in with a couple of shuttles for the design class homework.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Julehjerter basket

Well, I finished the Christmas Heart Basket.
top down view of basket using
 Julehjerter by Anne Bruvold

upside down basket using Julehjerter by Anne Bruvold

 I’m pleased with the way it worked up. I can see some things I would change with the next tatting of the idea. For this basket, I used size 30 thread.  I think a chocolate kiss would fit nicely in one. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

a new desk

During our move, I made a big commitment to myself to stay organized and not let clutter get in the way of my work. I’ve had a bit of success with that. One area I wasn’t doing so well in was the desk/computer area. 
I tried a laptop, but couldn’t keep the piles from taking over all available surfaces….including the closed computer! I tried a table for a desk, but couldn’t manage any writing surface for those notes and such I like to make sitting at the computer. Besides, sitting at just any old surface in any old position wasn’t treating my arms and hands well at all.

So, I searched for a desk, and found this:

The desktop computer fits inside; along with a second monitor. It fits on a wall just nicely so it will be the only thing in that part of the room. There’s 2 pull out shelves for note taking. When I’m done for the day, I clear the surface(s), roll the top down and I’m not at work!

It looks nice while I’m sitting at the loom. It’s around the corner from the organ, piano, tatting and music storage. I can’t let piles begin, so I’m doing better about putting things away. Now to train the cats and other humans how to live with the new desk!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Better Bunny

Remember my sad looking bunny? Well, I went to trim the whiskers and clipped part of the picot holding the bead. That being the fifth error, I decided I really needed to tat a better one. Now, since most of my thread and bead stash is in the construction zone, I opted for the pink thread with smaller beads. 
TIAS 2016 by Jane Eborall

Looks much better, huh?

I also finished a heart that I started thinking I would do a basket like Cyn describes: tatting 3 or more hearts and joining them down the sides. Again, too many errors to compete the total project. I’ll be starting another set soon. 
Julehjerter by Anne Bruvold

2 more motifs for my challenge! Whew!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Slow but sure

I picked up tatting again as my kids grew older. I found myself with “dead time” while they stretched their wings in sports and music and tech activities. Not being one to sit still, I started to revive my love of thread and lace. What I had learned as a teen came back quickly, there’s more information available now with the internet, and I even found a small band of folks at the Lace Museum in Sunnyvale. The projects and patterns I tat during these times are often repetitive and not very exciting. Satisfying to be sure, just not as complicated as what many designers are putting out there for us.
I try to remember to tuck a shuttle with some bright colored thread into my bag. If people are curious, I can tat them a butterfly while explain tatting. This leads to the Mary Poppins effect with kids. They will eye my small bag with a curious look. You can almost hear them thinking, “what else is in that bag?”

Yesterday, I finished another stripe of the flag.
rework of flag pattern from Workbook

 Because I don’t tat fast, it may be finished by Fair time, or may not. I really find the fabric effect of the pattern very satisfying. Now to find the red thread and load the shuttles again.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

25 motif challenge

I’ve recommitted to the 25 motif challenge. 
So far in 2016, I’ve completed

Ornament cover:
Pattern # 10 by Nadine Nunnelley

Wild Rose:

And a snowman: 
Snowman by Melanie Cervi
Shawl angel
4 down and 21 to go.

On the shuttles now:

Jane’s TIAS

Another Shawl angel


That’s pretty good for me! Just 3 UFO’s!!

That encourages me that I can tat 25 motifs in 2016! Off to the shuttles……

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

TIAS 2016 Day 10

Well, my guess of a dinosaur isn’t correct. I wasn’t tatting a beak, but an ear.
Jane's TIAS 2016 Day 10
It’s always fun to try to tat a section without the previous section directions sitting in front of me. At least most of the time. I saw with this TIAS just how much I’ve come to rely on diagrams! I think that has been what has challenged me most this year: Moving ahead without seeing where I’ve been.

What an important nugget for me in this new adventure in Monterey Bay area! When you pack up your belongings and move them to a new house, you are wise to sort through and pay for the movers to take only what you need. Putting something on the moving van just because you may use it in the future is silly. Putting something on the moving van just because you haven’t sold/donated/gifted it just doesn’t make sense. Putting something on the moving van because someone else has expected you to store it for them is hardly wise at all.

I’m not planning to share where I’ve been; that would not be interesting. I will probably not share all I’m doing at the moment; most of it is trivial, believe me. I will be sharing those little nuggets that will make up the future; organ events I participate in, tatting patterns I design, music I play, tatting I tat, you get the idea.

A final word:

Thanks to all who have helped me as I begin this adventure. Come along and enjoy with me!