Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Preparations for CNCH at Asilomar are coming along. I’m calling this warp my “murphy” warp. Every weaver has one. Mistakes creep in at every step. Most are recoverable. Well, almost all are. The consequences are just that little bit more “handmade” look in the cloth that comes off the loom. THAT is all I’m saying on this.

The noise in the schedule will really pick up the next few weeks. I won’t be sharing much here. There will be little time at the computer, and until after the Raffles, I will not be sharing what I’ve donated. I wish I could. I think the pieces will raise lots of money. At least I hope they do! When things calm down a bit, I’ll be sharing pictures and such.

Part of the noise was an adventure one of the cats had. The walls in the house are very thick. There are actually 2 layers of plaster with lath and a sizeable space between them. That dead space makes the temperature and humidity pretty constant. I’m getting used to 62 – 65 degrees F. The space is large enough for a small animal, like a rodent, to use. So far, we’ve been able to discourage extra critters with 4 cats in the house. The cats don’t have access, but the presence has been sufficient.
Well, a wall was open during the bath facelift. And yes, a cat found her way in. That space in the wall is open to the crawl space under the house which is open to our tiny basement/cellar. After frantic meows, the toy finally coaxed her to where she could be relieved of the cobwebs she picked up. Her new nickname is Pixie the WallWalker.

I’m looking forward to getting the loom warped for CNCH, getting back from the framer the donation, getting the bathroom functional, getting the fence fixed, getting the front landscaped after the tree is gone, getting back to regular walks at the beach. I’ll have lots to share then!

Thursday, April 20, 2017


We who tat, we who play the organ, we who weave know about concentration.

If we’re not concentrating at the organ, a stray accidental can creep in. If we’re not concentrating with the shuttle, a stray picot can creep in. If we’re not concentrating at the loom, a stray float can creep in.

My concentration hasn’t been up to snuff lately. The fix for that is usually to reduce the noise in my schedule and thus clear the brain cells a bit. More on that later. For now, I’ll just be untatting, repeating that section of the piece, and counting my passes on the warping board a bit more often.

In reading what others are saying about Round 4 of Renulek’s Wiosna 2017, it seems like this section needs more concentration. Perhaps I’ll set that aside until after I get a motif mounted and ready for framing. I discovered standing in the frame shop that I had oriented the motif off 10 degrees. That doesn’t sound like it would matter, except that there really is a “start here” in the design. I don’t want people getting a crick in their neck looking at my creation!

Back to work….after a walk by the sea!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

weakest link

Yesterday I discovered what I consider is my weakest skill in tatting:


I have spent time over the last decade or so practicing different techniques, working with different threads and tools, gaining my voice in designing; and have gained a fair amount of skill in those areas. But, I still struggle to capture the finished piece with a camera.

I’m not alone. Many fiber artists will practically groan when you bring up taking a picture. There are classes and workshops offered in using your phone to photograph. The posts I create for the Homework blog display a wide range of photographic success.

I have learned a few things. I’m better at bullying my phone than my digital camera. Black really does work. Oh, and just keep swimming.

Here’s what I’ve decided for Wiosna round 4. Forgive the abysmal photographs. I’m trying out new thoughts there.

The clear crystal type beads are from my stash. They looked so pretty in the store and I thought the round shape would work very well. The reason I haven’t used them before now? The inner hole is too small for the size thread I typically use. Even the size 80 thread is difficult. That makes loading the shuttles difficult, the beads heavy when tatting and thus floppy on the finished piece. Sigh! 

I’m also using my bone shuttle. It’s heavy and larger than I like to use. But, it feels nice, so I’m trying to get used to tatting with it. Perhaps my reaction to the bone is why many did not take to tatting in the past. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

mentioned in the Herald

I take the local daily newspaper. I know…. I know… 20th century! But, I like seeing what some people find of interest, and think I should know about, in the local area. I also scoop up the local weekly newspapers as you get a real flavor of the local history reading the ads AND the stories! It’s my gently amusement.

This week, there appeared a story on local wildflowers. That gave me names to put to the lovelies I see hiking around here. Here are 2 of my favorites:

community contributed artwork
Miner’s lettuce: Don’t know as I’ll forage around here for some. I know they spray along most of the trails I visit.
Milk Maids by Chuck B

Milk Maids: for a delightful poem visit

Please share what you have in your area for wildflowers.
Based on the chatter during class recently, most people are familiar with Mustard. And maybe even my bane: Oxalis. I’ll be curious to know what you look for and what you tear out!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Almost there

Well, I’ve almost crammed 2 weeks of work into 4 days. Whew! Of course the chores are piling up and I wanted to sleep in so much this morning!

Just so you have an idea, here is a portion of what I’ve been doing:
portion of Ice Drop

This will go to the fundraiser. I hope it raises lots of money!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I almost missed it.....

I almost missed a deadline for CNCH. I’ll be working hard to meet it now. Pictures when I’m doing something other than stringing beads, tatting, blocking, and mailing the piece. Teaser: I’m expanding on Diane’s Ice Drop method.

I almost missed the wildflowers. I took time for a hike yesterday. It helped to energize me and clear my head. They are pretty. Didn’t try to see if they smell; I don’t fancy getting into Poison Oak. The pictures didn’t turn out as I didn’t take the time to figure out how to take a picture under trees on a foggy day.

I almost missed a great pattern. Dagmar combines simplicity and elegance in fresh ways. Thank you! I’ll be working this up to use with a nametag.

Best get busy catching up! Enjoy Spring and all its beauty.