Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fair entry progress

I hit a milestone yesterday:

I feel a great sense of accomplishment. When I started this project , I wanted to explore the idea of the close rows and see how firm a fabric the pattern produced.

I have learned a great deal:

By connected the ring to rings, the fabric is stronger and less lacy.

Vintage thread really isn’t worth working with except for trials you throw away.

It will be a great decoration for our new, old house.

It’s boring doing the same ring/chain combination a thousand times…..or so.

It’s a great start for a pattern of an organ case.

It got too big to keep clean.

I can’t wait to use this concept in other patterns!

But first, I need to tat stars and sew them on. Picture after the Fair closes.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


By an organ….surprised? I’m not!

A good friend of mine entrusted me with the care of a Folding Organ. That’s right, Folding. It’s a reed organ with bellows powered by foot pedals that folds up into a suitcase:

It actually works and sounds quite nice. I can’t wait to begin using it out and about. Busking anyone?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Post Fest glow

            After a wonderful month of activities, the Carmel Bach Festival is finished. The art donated for the Raffle has been carefully distributed to the lucky winners. Those who win a piece of art are encouraged to write a thank you note to the artist. I happily wrote my note for the book I won. It’s an exquisite handmade paper book with two quotations. I love paper making, so this beauty is now displayed on the ledge in the windows by the harpsichord.

I wonder where my bookmark has landed? I count the whole Festival Raffle experience a resounding success!

            Before I go, I’ll share a bit of my success with the cro-tat technique: 

 This yarn is marketed for baby things, so it has a bit tighter twist. It’s also 4 ply which helps also. For this pattern the color way actually works too.

 Mmmmm beginner’s luck?

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cro-tat progress

This cro-tat technique is growing on me. I like the thought that I could collaborate with someone accomplished in crochet. Here’s the best of what I worked on Tuesday:

The sample on the bottom in both pictures has some crochet stitches between rings. The sample on the top in both pictures is shown with top side and bottom side. The one document I found on line suggests using rings with the bottom side up as the picots look better. I think that’s because the rings in that pattern were to represent flowers.

I used some thread left over from a previous project. I think it was tatting to put on a card. The leaf color reminds me of that series. It’s Cotton Perle in size 8. I used the cro-tat hook that I was gifted. I think it was sourced from Annie’s Attic, but not sure.

I’m going to continue to play with this.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fair Prep begins

Remember this post ? Well, the Monterey County Fair has created a division for Cro-Tat work. When I was gifted the tool 5 years ago, there wasn’t much available for information on Cro-tatting. Georgia does have a tutorial from a 1869 publication and reviews books distributed by Annie’s Attic.

And then there’s the doily I found in a resale shop:

The crazy thing about that doily is how it matches a doily my Italian tatting friend, Ninetta, found in a small shop near her home! So, how is this done? O_o? (confused face)

My crochet skills are abysmal. I hope to convince a friend to collaborate with me to create a cro-tat something to enter in the fair

In the meantime, I've finished another stripe of the flag and am ready for Round 5 of my Wisona 2017 doily. Whew!!! 

Thursday, July 27, 2017


I need to remind myself regularly of my goals and my progress in reaching those goals. It keeps me motivated, focused, and friends and family appreciate being around me more. Lest you think I’m some overachiever, sometimes my goal is simply to make it through the day without _______ing. Sometimes my goal is to not work on ________ today. Musicians and artists seem to have terrible work/life balance. It took me a lifetime, but I think I’ve finally learned how to set goals and track my progress. 

This week, I’ve worked on my goal to attend Bach Festival events, clean house, work in the yard, and decide what I’ll enter in the Fair for judging and display. As part of that, I finished round 4 of the wonderful doily Renulek designed for this year’s Spring doily:
Wiosna 2017 by Renulek

I know what I want to do in the next round. So, that is entered in the task list for the next few days. It’ll take me awhile to have something to show, and I may just enter it in the Fair, so it probably won’t appear here until September. If you’re local, you’ll be able to see it at the Fair!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The Bach Festival is almost over. There’s been a lot of music. A lot of fun, fun, music; a lot of fun socialization. I’ll confess that most of my social time has been spent networking. I’m such a work-a-holic! Well, that’s what happens when you get to mix your passion with your career!

I’ve really enjoyed everything. Even the music I don’t typically enjoy. Mostly because I found myself busy with other activities when those pieces were being talked about or performed. But, when the level of musicianship is as highly trained and offered as what I’ve witnessed, it’s not hard to listen. These people know how to “music” as one of the kids said. He was corrected by the older lady walking with him, but we both knew what he meant. Truth be told, I liked his phrase. There’s more to creating art than technique, knowledge, skill, creativity, dedication, the list goes on and on.

            For those local and Festival visitors, the Raffle continues through next weekend. Then the tickets are drawn, the art taken down and distributed, and hopefully all get to enjoy more art in the future. I have confidence the music will continue. I look forward to experiencing more, creating more tatting, and inviting more people to join the fun!