Friday, February 15, 2019

The river runs

The atmospheric river is running again. That’s overall a good thing. We need the rain. Less wind would be nice, but the plants are looking much healthier. Of course, we Mother Nature so active in the yard, I’ve had less time for inside pursuits. 

The chores are piling up. No choice but to set aside work for a day on the tatting and music, and get things done!

If the weather holds!
Oh, and the Pattern page will be back up next week. I didn't realize it was down until today. Apologies to those looking for the patterns.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Well, not across the board. But, I’ll take the success I’ve had!

The workshop went well. Several people actually managed to complete the pattern to the point I planned for. Several other people decided at the last minute to give it a try. Several others were very fascinated with the technique, progress of those they were watching, and actively encouraged those trying it out even if they were not giving the DS a go.

I am much more confident that I can succeed in giving fun, engaging, and informative workshops. That was my whole plan for spending so much energy on yesterday.

Now to turn my attention to other projects.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Heart set aside

I’ve had an addition to this week’s schedule. I need to spend most of Friday taking care of details. Ugh! I’d rather tat and play the organ than sit and wait and listen and decide. But, needs must!

I know I’ll be thinking of a problem I’ve been trying to solve. Remember Bux2Bach? I’ll be tatting another version soon. Problem: I can’t find my notes. Anywhere! So, all I have is pictures to go by. And it’s not enough! I cannot remember what I did 2 years ago and the stitch count isn’t falling into place! Argh!!

This afternoon will be filled with preparing for the EGA workshop on Ice Drop patterns. I've no idea how many of the people who come will need a refresher on how to tat. Only 6 signed up for kits, but I will prepare enough handouts for 15. Since everything I'll be using is available on the Internet, the most important handout will be my list of links. How does that Podcast put it? Related Links. That section of her Podcast is often 25% of the time. So, I'll be spending quite a bit of time preparing that document! I should have time to look for those notes while the printer whirs away.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Progress on Martha Ess Two Hearts as One celtic style pattern

I am intrigued with patterns that have elements that intertwine. So, I revisited this pattern. I posted the seperate heart motifs on the Homework blog here. Here’s the first part of the two motifs together:

I find that my brain keeps track of just so many details when tatting. Or playing the organ. Or cooking. Or…… So, I didn't quite get the final split chain (in green) worked in. 

Here's a poor picture of that chain joined BEHIND the red chain. 
The picture is poor as we were in the midst of quite a storm! Poor natural light. If you blow them up in a fresh tab you should be able to see the error and the correction.

Where was I? 

Oh yes, the celtic-ness of this pattern.  

I think we should come up with another term for the intertwined elements in tatting patterns. In music we call them contrapuntal textures. Look it up. I think it will work! 

Now to untat a mistake in the SCMR…..

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hair Bun Holders

I’ve begun wearing my hair in a bun again. Muskaan and Winkerbill both have tatted up something to use and gift to others. The pattern is very, very simple. I like to add a covered elastic like they sell for ponytails. Just tat over it while completing the final round. What I also like to do to dress it up is add beads!

I do love to wear the tatting. I’ve decided though that I need to tat a bun holder with pearls. I’ve never been much for sparkle, preferring the soft glow of the pearls. That means a trip to the store to buy more (pearls) beads!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Ice Drop obsession

No, that’s not me. I’ve got the obsession about the organ, remember?

I did promise to post a photo of the Basic Ice Drop I’ll be teaching to members of the local chapter of the Embroiders Guild. The thread is size 10 Lizbeth and the ice drop really is black.

I’m looking forward to the project.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Half Way DONE!

Back in November the OnLine class looked at the antique patterns as published by Mlle Riego. About that time, a linen blouse I picked up from Coldwater Creek developed a problem with the lace trimming. 

Nothing for it but to tat up a replacement! 

Thus was born this project. One strip done, the other loaded on the shuttle (with almost 600 beads and almost 12 yards of thread) to be prepared for blocking and sewing on. Should be done just about the time warm weather hits!

OK….those who know Monterey, know that’ll be October!

Nothing like a realistic goal…snicker, snort!!!!