Thursday, October 16, 2014

Progress in blue

4 of Round 2 motifs attached but not blocked
I’m halfway done with Round 2 of the Saint Saens in blue

The hard part is done. Here’s a detail of the final motif I connected.
detail of Motif A
I know I labeled it A. yet, it’s the fourth motif I connect. That’s because of the way the music flows. Saint-Saens started this movement with an introduction. That’s the massive chords on the organ you hear. Then, he introduced a lovely melody (the one I labeled A). It’s so likeable, it was used for the movie Babe. Then, he took off on a romp through sections that I’ve represented with these motifs. Three of them recall themes from the other movements, then he romps through his A section again. For good measure, he repeats all 3 exposition sections; then, tears through a final section with 3 parts.

That music inspires round 3. Yes, it’s coming. When I created the version in white thread using 2 colors of beads, I settled on a rather open design. I knew it would need to be mounted to work. I think it does, but you never know......

For this version in blue, I haven’t decided exactly how to work in the different bead colors. I’ll be using the lighter thread; and all colors of beads as all instrument sections are playing. Mmmmm

Off to play with thread.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blue Field of Flag

I’m very lucky to have a good space to work on my tatting at my house. Remember the tatting chair? I still TIP (tat in public) quite often. It’s not practical to take all of my projects out the door though. So, I always have a smaller, generic project in the ole tatting bag.
my bag for tatting in public
what's inside my TIP bag

 My current project? A tatted USA flag. I first found this pattern through the OnLine Tatting Class several years ago. Now, Workbasket was not a scholarly magazine. It was published several times a year with all sorts of handiwork projects described. The patterns sometimes needed a bit of editing, but they can be a great springboard for a creative tatter.

I’ve been intrigued by this flag pattern for quite some time. I could tell with a bit of study that we didn’t have the whole pattern. Well, not just the whole pattern, but if you followed the pattern as given, you would have one funky lookin’ flag! Fast forward several years to summer 2014.

I’ve been working on my version. Here’s what I have so far. 
blue field of US flag
This blue field will have white tatted stars sewn on top. The red and white stripes are next to tat. I can’t wait to see it done. It’ll probably be next summer before I get very far. Sigh!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

almost done with designing round 2

So, here’s the next motif connected to Round 1 of the Saint-Saens in blue.
Round 2 Motif D
This one was easier to work. I know the next one will be a bit tricky. So, I’m taking a break and tatting something to go around a ball ornament as a part of the Lace Museum fundraiser.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

AGO pin and TAT pin

So, many of you know that I have been chugging through the Tatters Across Time TAT binders. I’ve sent off my samples for the Master TAT pin. I’m waiting….trying to be patient. I know they’re volunteers and I respect them for their willingness to mentor me as I strive to become a better tatter. It’s just that I’m looking forward to displaying the pin.

I’m a pin person.

I try to wear my AGO pin when I attend a musical event. Even a social event if there will be musicians I would like to meet and remember who they are. It helps me to break the ice and get to know someone. So, every time I wear my AGO pin, I wonder when I’ll hear back from the TAT group. Soon, I know.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

On to connecting the next motif

So, here’s how the corrected motif came out.
better join around C
I ended up getting out the scissors and starting over. I think this will work much better. Now on to connecting the next motif.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Saint Saens joins gone bad

Well, my adventures with the joins of this round continue. This version in blue thread had me stumped for how to join. Yes, I know, I wrestled with the white version at this point also. You see, the music doesn’t really bridge from one section to another here, but the sections are quite different. Thus, I wanted to design small motifs that were not alike and yet alike. But, how to connect them gracefully? Hmmmm. Because, well, the music is graceful in this movement; powerful, yet graceful.

I thought I had come up with a good pattern. In the dark thread, the connecting rings should disappear against a black cloth. The beads and such will still stand out. So, I’m pleased. Except when I try to execute and end up with this:

Saint Saens with a bad join
Not seeing anything odd? Don’t feel bad. It’s the small stuff here:

detail showing blue "blips"
Still not seeing it? Don’t feel bad. It’s only the one join between the two smaller parts. I twisted the one as I made my join. The one on the left should look more like this:

detail without blue "blips"
I’ll let you know how my attempt to cut out just that one little bitty knot for the lock join and fix it works.

Oh, a friend thinks at this point it looks like Mickey Mouse. What do they know?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

it's RAINING!!

Well, it’s finally raining! I know, I know, it’s not enough to relieve the drought. But, it’s wonderful just the same. It means I won’t be sitting on the bench outside to tat this afternoon. I think I’ll go by the Lace Museum instead. I need to renew my membership. And, they have an open time to bring in your lace project and visit while you work.

I always feel a bit sheepish. I only tat. I’m just not drawn to bobbin lace. Don’t know why. Anyway, the museum always needs volunteers knowledgeable about lace and I know so little. And truth be told, I’d rather learn more music and tatting techniques than lace identification. Sigh. So, I feel sheepish. The lacers are always so friendly though. Aren’t we a great group of people in our little lacy corner of the world?

Anyway, back to the weather. It’ll be sunny tomorrow. And dry. But, the rain is nice today. I’ll be vigilant on the roads. They’ll be slick with this little bit of water lifting the oil up off the pavement. I’ve got a lot of lace to tat, after all.