Thursday, November 26, 2020

Group Tatting

 I am so fortunate to have a local tatting Study Group. I treasure my online tatting friends. When I can, I try to connect with them. But, having a local group is a lot of fun!

We meet each Tuesday for a couple of hours. Lately, we have been bouncing around snowflake pattern ideas. I was reminded of a lovely celtic style pattern in this blog post from Bernice. I remembered tatting it. Just couldn’t remember when and where the pattern is. I don’t have this book, just her Tatted Animals book (which I love). After quite a bit of digging I found the sample I had. Using that, I tatted up this new Star:

I really must keep from getting side-tracked! But this was great fun!!!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

It's All about the Dog

 This Organ Duet (for two organists at one organ) is just too tempting for me. Tatters can get SAD (shuttle accumulation disease) and weavers can get LAS (loom acquisition syndrome). Musicians accumulate music. Some they will never, ever play in public. Some they play frequently. Duets are hard to do without the cooperation of another musician; and we musicians tend to be loners. But, I just had to get this!

Of course as soon as it arrived I played through a bit. I see a tatting design in the structure of the piece. I’ll be working in 2 colors of course. I will be using what I’ve learned in 2020 about combining colors. Thank you to all who have patiently explained all you know about color and shared all your wonderful pieces as examples. I’ll keep you posted on what the “Dog” shows me! 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

The Basics

 I’m drawn to simple things that turn out to be complicated.

Simple: Driving a straight road.

Complicated: Keeping your attention on the road when it’s straight for 35 miles with nothing but fields on either side.

Simple: Plagal cadence.

Complicated: Double the fifth in the bass (pedal) with a suspension on the top.

Simple: Classic square motif.

Complicated: Sewing thread that needs extra joins to keep the overall shape correct.

Remember this cross

Here’s a bookmark I’ve been working on.

Another few hours of tatting (and forgetting picots) and untatting (using my handy, dandy, magnifier) and I should be ready to see if it’ll work as is or will need to be in sleeve to be used wisely. (I DO NOT starch bookmarks! One time of trying to resume reading after the book had sat in hot humid weather taught me that lesson!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

All wrapped up


The picture is from a “shrug” a friend made for me. It’s cotton, which I like, and adds just the right amount of warmth on most days in Monterey. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit like I’m tying unwanted knots in my tatting thread. I actually threw away some of what I tatted the other day. There wasn’t even enough to snip and decorate a card with! Sigh!!

I need to get a gift finished. Perhaps that will turn the tide.

Thursday, November 12, 2020


 I have no pictures of tatting to share with you. Too many mistakes!!I seem to be very distracted lately. Perhaps it’s because the rains are starting and I really, really want to get new plants in the ground pronto to take advantage of what few drops fall before the weather gets colder. Nawh…..

Perhaps it’s because I’m trying out a bunch of new ideas most of which are NOT working. Nawh…..

Perhaps it’s because I’m helping a church discover an organ they’ve had, but not paid much attention to. Nawh……

I just haven’t been very focused lately. Just too much to distract and not enough concentration.

I promise to do better…..

In the meantime, I’ve received requests to do a class in taking design ideas and creating new pieces. Think edgings to bookmarks to hearts to snowflakes to magic squares to whatever you dream up. I really like that idea. May take more than just a few hours though.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Looking to 2021

 I know, it’s far enough in the future I really shouldn’t focus on 2021, but 2020 has been too crazy! Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t changed my tune. For those that know me well and have worked with me on the bench, I still plan my music well in advance. I have Christmas just about learned, the weeks in between need just a bit more fine tuning, and I have my practice list for the next 2 weeks. I’ve also figured out what I want to work on for designs. The music is just about analyzed, and the broad outline is worked out, and the details are falling into place. What I still need help with?

What do you want to learn in 2021?

I view teaching as a dialogue. I have no set group of pieces or patterns to teach students. I make it a point to ask questions and listen and suggest. It drives some of my students kinda nuts! “Just tell me what to do!” Well, I'll be glad to, but help me out here...... please? The Lace Museum is taking suggestions for future classes/workshops. Please fill out their form for tatting ideas: techniques, patterns, general project descriptions, historical pieces, whatever draws you to thread to tat. That will make 2021 a lot more fun!!

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Tatting at the Edge

I tatted up a thank you gift:

Pernille by Lene Bjorn

It is found in Tatted Bookmarks – Cross Shaped by Lene Bjorn. My friend likes to read also so I’m tatting a straight bookmark, no side sections. I’d like to teach a class on edgings turned into bookmarks. I must explore the collection at the Lace Museum for possibilities!