Thursday, January 22, 2015

Another house hunting trip

Another house hunting trip


Picking a house to bid on is tough. It’s complicated. It’s emotionally draining. It’s exciting and terrifying.


I think what weighs on my mind the most is that I’m committing to something for years and years. Yes, I can change things. Yes, things will break and I’ll have to fix them. But, I stand in someone else’s home and try to imagine it as my home.

Now, I have a very active imagination. So, the imagining part isn’t that hard. We’ve remodeled our present home and I’m fairly conversant in handyman, so the fixing and changing isn’t hard to imagine. It’s just hard to think through everything and make sure I don’t get carried away with all the possibilities.


At least where we’re searching, it’s easy to take a long walk and let the ocean help calm down the thoughts and emotions.


More later.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

joining in with TIAS

I’ve been tatting along with Jane’s TIAS. Just not every day.
I do try to limit the sorting in our house, the browsing for the new house, and the general puttering. I try to tat each day. I’m still working on the flag. As soon as I complete another stripe, I’ll post a picture. I’m getting closer on the angel. Don’t expect a picture until February.
So, the only pictures I have to share are my TIAS: 
TIAS 2015 Day 5

back of button

I was tempted to use the back of the button. I like the little dark spot. But, not knowing how the pattern will turn out, I couldn’t decide how to orient the spot, so I used the front. But……

I have another button to use for the second sample!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Back to my goals

Well, it’s been awhile. My bad. I’m very embarrassed!

 My excuse is I’m moving….soon….to Monterey/Carmel area. That means we have to sell this house. Now, we’ve only been in this house for 15+ years. So, there’s not too much archeology required. But, we’ve raised our children here. So, there’s all the “stuff” associated with that and the memories. ‘nuff said.

 What have I been tatting you ask?

 Well, I’m still bouncing around ideas for an angel for the Prayer Shawl Ministry. I’m getting closer. I’d like to have a skirt that seems to swirl, so I’ve been looking for geometric patterns that are dense. I found this heart pattern:
Morales heart

 Lilly Morales reworked an older pattern. I kinda reworked her pattern. I’d like to adapt it for the skirt of the angel. Along with keeping up with Jane’s TIAS 2015 and continuing the flag. More on those later.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

rain, rain

Anybody got an umbrella?
No wait, there's too much 'bout a towel?

I grew up in Oregon. It rains there.

The Pineapple Express has pulled into town here in Bay Area, CA. We're getting rain.

I spent yesterday preparing for the rain and wind. Now I can curl up with my shuttles and stay warm and dry.

Until the drain in the street gets clogged with leaves. I'll be checking out the window frequently, but if the street floods, it will likely be because there's just too much water coming down.

The water is hot for tea, I'm off to my tatting chair.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tis the season for inspiring beginnings and endings

I wish I had the photographer’s talent. This time of year, I often see both sunrise and sunset. The colors lately have been spectacular. That’s because we are getting much needed rain. So, there are clouds in the sky. Where our house is, there’s not much chance of seeing the sun appear over the mountains or even to dip down into the mountains. In the past, I’ve tried to take a photo to share here. I just can’t manage to get the camera or my phone set up right before the color fades. Sigh. You’ll just have to take my word for it, the sunrise and sunset have been beautiful.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

laughter helps with focus

I’ve been focused lately. I’ve really tried hard to stick to my goals and accomplish what’s important. So far, I’m succeeding. That’s why there’s not much to post here. Most of my energy has been directed towards keeping house, keeping the yard, volunteering in music, and volunteering in stitches. I like the sound of that last bit. I like to keep a humorous outlook on life. Laughter is far better than tears to me.

So, what have I accomplished? Besides a bit of laughter? Our house has been “inspected” by ye ole ‘ouse ‘spector. He didn’t find much to document. We’ve kept it up fairly well.
Our persimmon tree is picked as well as a human on a ladder can; the rest can feed the birds. The hummers like the fruit quite a lot.
Our choir is rehearsed for Lessons and Carols. No, I don’t think I’ll have a B flat, but then again, we’ll be singing in the evening.
Our stitchers have 15 canvases prepped for stitching except for mounting them on a frame. We are still attracting new volunteers to the group. And we have a good start on finished canvases ready for the upholstery shop. Just a few more to go and we’ll have the minimum they asked for with each round.  

I had an “aha” regarding the chair canvases and our impending move: I don’t have to be the one in the driver’s seat for timing the move. I can respond to what comes our way with grace and rolled up sleeves. We thought the chair project would be a 20 year project. Well, we’re half way done after just 2 years. We would like to move within 5 years. We’ll see what happens!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Starting the process for mounting

Here’s a look at the process of tacking the Saint Saens doily onto fabric in preparation for framing:

starting to mount

I found out the hard way, I need lots of accurate guidelines to make it look nice. It can take several hours to sew in those lines, but well worth the trouble.

Then, I start sewing down the tatting. Yes, each and every picot gets a tack down. I try to make sure gravity will not pull the tatting out of shape over time. So, that means a tack at the top of each element, either side of beads, and wherever it makes sense. Probably the trickiest part is making sure I don’t pull too tight and make the tatting buckle or the fabric pull out of shape. Oh, and the wood circular frame is not true. It’s just a smidge out of round. So, I’m constantly measuring from a rather arbitrary point that I call center.

More later.