Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bookmark finished and displayed

I have permission to post pictures of the tatting chosen by the fabulous volunteers at Carmel Bach Festival. This is part of a fundraiser Raffle. Artists apply and after acceptance, create a small piece of art to be raffled. Usually there are more than 100 pieces. This year, the variety and quality are superior. There’s paintings, photography, sculpture, mixed media (paper & jewelry), and several fiber pieces. I am so honored to be a part of this show!

Last night at the opening I met a lot of people. Everyone was so positive. Several artists were fascinated with my process. I heard many times from established, successful artists word of encouragement in finding my voice and creating more pieces. I’m a bit giddy! Note to Georgia: not one time did I hear that tatting is a lost art! It was humbling to know that these art collectors consider tatting alive and well and vital.

So what was the piece?
Joy bookmark

This bookmark is based on the melody Beethoven uses in the last movement of his Symphony no. 9. We use it regularly as a hymn. You’ll find the text starts with “Joyful, joyful we adore Thee” or something similar. Most hymnals list the hymntune as Hymn to Joy. If you orient the bookmark horizontally with the joy bead to the left, you’ll be able to “read” the tune. I chose to represent the degree of scale with the number of beads. 

Ex. The melody starts on Mi or the 3rd degree of the scale. I used 3 beads in the first ring. The melody only uses the first 5 degrees of the scale; so the rings have at least one bead and up to five beads. Even if you can’t read music, you can read this melody. For the edging, I create a trefoil design of rings and chains. I was “chuffed” as Jane would say that there are 9 repeats. Beethoven’s name has 9 letters. Quite a bit of numerology which is not everyone likes, but fun!

I’m also quite pleased that my little creation was placed next to a quilt. I count the artist as a friend and mentor of sorts. I’ll be buying at least one ticket to tuck into her box.
Monterey Cypress quilt
Today I’ll hear an organ concert. Tomorrow is a vocal Master Class. Saturday starts the full Festival. I’m trying to keep at the chores so I can attend as much as possible. Of course, I’ll be tatting during the odd free moment. Most of my time will be soaking up the music and making notes for future designs. The ideas will flow almost as fast as the ocean wakes break on the beach!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Jelly time

mass of jellies by dock

I’m so easily distracted by the sea! Here’s what I saw at the Coast Guard pier:

Blue strip jelly

Brown top jelly and seastar

sitting and watching us...

so many!

I promise I’ll get to work!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Randomness at the end of June

The adventure continues. I’ve turned in more tatted pieces to be used in fundraisers. I hope these do better. Of course, no pictures to share until the auction close in July.

In the meantime, I’ll share a picture of what the bay looked like this morning. Very, very low tide! 

The sun and my phone aren’t giving us the perfect picture, but perhaps you can see in the cropped picture the seal pup with the spotted grey coat.

The next tatting challenge: entries for the Monterey County Fair.

The next music challenge: refurbish a small harpsichord that followed us home. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Randomness begins

The last few weeks fall under “best laid plans” heading for what I’ve posted here.

And the next few weeks look even more tenuous.

So, this blog is going into random mode until….well…..August.

Random post #1:

I’ve been drawing on the experienced gardeners in my circle of friends. They have been very generous in helping me identify and learn about the plants that came with the house. My latest “discovery” is that the volunteer plants with the really big leaves and majestic stalk with blooms in the back is Foxglove. I recognized the name, just not the plant. I tried to take a picture, but they back up against the arbors and I couldn’t frame a decent shot that you could actually see the plant. Short of using a selfie stick….which I DO NOT own! Why would I want a picture of me in front of something worth taking a picture of?

Back to Foxglove. I have done a bit more research and identified several more volunteers in the process. Now I need to get more expert advice on transplanting/design tips for this neighborhood. Sunset Garden Book is very informative, just not detailed enough for me and my mess….I mean yard. I’m hoping to have plans drawn up so that we can begin planting as the rainy season returns.

In the meantime, I’m finalizing a bookmark design based on a Beethoven symphony, plugging away on the flag and also the Wiosna 2017 doily, and preparing for an Organ Convention, Bach Festival and a mini vacation. I’ll be back….whenever! Enjoy the start of June and summer.  

Friday, May 19, 2017

Geometric in life

wrapping paper pattern
box pattern
I observe patterns in life. It’s what I do; as a musician, tatter, weaver, Mom, homeowner.

I found these on wrapping paper and Kleenex boxes. They inspire.

I’ve been working on the bookmark. I had an “aha” that really helps. This pattern has beads added at joins. That means they are loose until you need them on the picot as you join. I wanted the beads to be random, but not pool in color splotches. How to keep track of them? I loaded them on a length of sewing thread as I was loading the rest of the beads onto the shuttle threads. Here's a good explanation of the technique: 
So far, so good. I can use the sewing thread to pop the bead onto the picot when it’s time to fumble with the crochet hook, paperclip, and shuttles. Did I mention that the beads are too close to the size tatting thread I have to needle the thread with glue? That means I would have to get creative with thinner thread to put the bead on the picot anyway. I’m going to take time today to put the beads onto a length of beading thread. That will make things go faster as I can coax the waxed thread back through the bead easier than the sewing thread. I’ll have enough done for pictures next week.

But first, I’m off to figure out why the tree leaves are shriveling and dropping all over the floor by the tatting chair…

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

In neutral:

So, because the yarn is neutrals, it doesn’t photograph well with my little camera. And I really did try to use the fancy artistic settings! My phone worked better.

The material we wove on each warp was cut into these very small swatches. You can’t really see much. They are just to remind us of what we discovered. Note taking fiber-art style!

I’m picking Renulek’s Wiosna 2017 up again. So far I’ve only had to untat twice. Of course one of the elements I needed to undo was a lock join. In size 80 thread that required a dose of chocolate and wine to recover from! I already know what I want to do in round 5.

Oh, and we have another wall walker. This one isn’t an animal nurtured by us. So, it’s time to monitor the traps and hope the damage isn’t too bad. I saw a truck in the neighborhood that specializes in trapping ‘possom. I don’t think so……….???

Thursday, May 11, 2017

I learned so much!!!!

Not all of it Weaving with Neutrals; much of it about how to communicate. Yes, there were the awkward conversations that go along with such lessons. So, when I didn’t have my foot in my mouth, I tried to explore. Asilomar is wonderful! Our room was windows on 3 sides with a fireplace on the remaining wall. We needed a good fire as the wind off the bay was chilly! Despite all the glass, I really didn’t feel like I was in a fishbowl. I guess because those most frequently passing by were the deer.

I took a break yesterday and did some pleasure reading: Aunt Dimity: Detective by Nancy Atherton. Good short read. Quote of the day: “I returned home with so many knots in my stomach that I felt as if I’d gulped a mugful of macramé.” My stomach is fine, thank you. I’ll be catching up tatting the rest of the week, so my knots won’t be so filling. I doubt I will have extra knots.

Enough silliness!

As soon as I get my samples photographed, I’ll share here. Oh, and this sold
variation on Ice Drop by Diane Cademartori

in the auction. It didn’t raise as much money as I was hoping, but the comments by established, successful professional fiber artists were very appreciative and encouraging. I’m glad I put in all the effort. I have several ideas in the sketch book now! Thank you all!!!