Thursday, July 28, 2016

Fire update

Not much to share here. No pictures. 
My pieces for the Fair are close to being finished. The Bach Festival is winding up. Today is a Master Class, Chamber Concerts and Main Concert. The Golden State Theater will be celebrating next week with free concerts. I hope they include the organ.
Most of my energy has been concerned with the Fire. Several artists have lost houses and studios. Many families are wondering if they will begin again. This blog Bigsurkate has information on fundraisers, donation drives, and general news of the area.

I pray for the safety of firefighters, victims and those aiding them. I pray for favorable weather. I pray that those who would take advantage of the events for ill gain are thwarted.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


A motet is a short piece of choral music, typically of the Renaissance style of polyphony.

Now before the tatters in the crowd roll their eyes, and the organist harrumph, I bring this up because I think this composition form lends itself very well to my ideas in thread. All polyphony means is separate parts of the music happening at the same time. Like how cloth is woven. I’m thinking of twill; like the cloth used for denim jeans. So, I’m experimenting with the warp left over from the beginning weaving class and the thread left over from the Frauberger triangle. The colors aren’t very complimentary, so I won’t offend your design sense by sharing a picture. It has promise though.

For the local readers, the fire South of Carmel is filling the air with smoke. The plume was very visible Saturday from our house. We’re upwind, so we haven’t dealt with air quality issues. The animals are all spooked. On the hike yesterday, we saw several deer out in the open in places where they would have been hiding. And a coyote on the trail. There’s still room for all creatures to have their space, but it was a bit scary coming around the curve and seeing the predator loping down the trail away from us.

I think I’ll stay indoors and tat and weave and play the organ.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Gigue to thread

Bead added….
Earring tatted….(no picture as it’s a gift)
Walk on the beach enjoyed…..
And as a special bonus, the sky was clear yesterday morning, so I enjoyed a wonderful colorful sunrise!

I have been considering possible designs to tat as I play through the “Gigue” Fugue. The notes are arranged in groups of 3. I’ve been toying with ways to weave in groups of 3. I have several possibilities to try. And wouldn’t it be fun if I had a thread that changed colors in the same proportion as the music changed key centers? I’d like something a bit brighter than the Herbal Garden. The music is so happy and cheerful sounding! That triangle piece is so lush and calm. I’ll just have to dance over to the stash and see what I can find!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I broke one

I’ve been attending events during the Carmel Bach Festival. The concerts are the reason, partly, for the Festival. Most of the musicians have been participating for a number of years. There’s also an emphasis on learning about music almost always with a Bach twist. I’m finding it very helpful in figuring out how to promote organ and organ music to non-organists.  Always there are concerts given using period instruments. How does that horn player get all those pitches without valves? Probably using the same brain over body process as an organist uses to play a fugue. Another topic to consider another day.

During the lecture last night, I was so caught up in the topic (what A to use…..440 Hz or 415 Hz) that I almost tatted past an important spot without a bead placed. I must have broken the bead. I know I triple checked each section as I was loading the beads. I know I had it right. But, there we have it.

Now, this is a http://www.beanile.comNina Libin pattern. It’s exciting to see it come about and I’m happily working away. There are also 150 beads between the gap and the end of the thread. I’m NOT going to take all those beads off just to get on bead added. I’m going to try adding just that bead. We’ll see how successful I am. I’m waiting for daylight to work on it. It’s been so foggy lately I may be waiting until afternoon to have sun. And then the beach beckons with the sunlight dancing off the waves, the whales feeding, and general peacefulness. And there’s another lecture tonight on Idomeneo. Better get crackin’

Thursday, July 14, 2016

LeClerc loom sample

Nilus LeClerc F series
One of the benefits, among many, of connecting with the Carmel Craft Guild is access to resources. There is so much information and knowledge shared. Members encourage each other, hold each other accountable, and generally network for Fiber. 

Recently, I agreed to store a floor loom for the Guild. It was built by the Canadian company LeClerc Looms around the same time as the house we live in. It seemed to settle in and say, “I’m home!” 

I decided to refurbish the parts enough to use the loom for the Beginning Weaving class. Success! 

sampler from Chandler book
It’s just about impossible to get a good picture of the sample I wove, but here’s a detail of the twill sample. 

The idea was to weave plain weave with balanced, weft, and warp faced sections; then weave 2/2 twill with balanced, weft, and warp faced sections. I learned a lot, I still need to get a few more parts replaced, and I need to improve my techniques gobs.

The musicians among you probably already have seen where the 2/2 twill sections will lead. Can I weave 4/4 and then add some tatting to represent the melodies/harmonies and other details?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Challenge Accepted!

I like challenges. We live in a historic home: make it ours without impacting what’s historic about it.
I tat with a shuttle: interpret music in thread.
I weave: complex machine making art.
I play the organ: use both hands and feet to bring Bach to life.

So, when I heard that a rather distinctive, and fun, piece by Bach “wasn’t played much anymore” my mouth flew open, I sat up, and said, “Challenge accepted!” Of course, it’s been awhile since I have played that particular piece. I’ve lost track of the copy I memorized it from. I’ll have to start from scratch with a clean copy. A pleasant challenge wouldn’t you say? And yes, I'll be dreaming up a pattern to tat as I practice.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I haven’t managed much tatting time lately. I’ve been enjoying the garden, walks in the hills, and time with friends and family. I’ve also been squeezing in time at the loom to keep up with the class. I have managed to try out ideas for the corners of the edging. 
edging from Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito

I gave up on the trial in the top left; too many split rings. The trial on the top right works, but I decided the triangular look wasn’t what the item needed. The trial on the bottom right works best in my mind; although the negative space could use another something to keep the corner of the fabric from poking through. I’d like to play with it a bit more I think. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy celebrations!

Yesterday was a good day. The celebrations for July 4th were safe, community oriented, filled with friends and family. I didn’t tat; too busy with community events like parades. I didn’t weave; too busy enjoying family. I didn’t play the organ; too busy listening to the organ in the Theater downtown.

Thank you, Tom Delay, for showing off this example of early 20th century technology. It sounded wonderful. This picture doesn't show the console, but you can see the 2 pipe chambers flanking the stage. Sometimes I wish you could see the pipes, but the screens are so ornate and beautiful. 
The house was pleasantly packed and your music brought smiles to faces and hands clapped vigorously! I hope to get a chance at that keyboard soon.

Enough of this keyboard. Time to create!