Thursday, July 14, 2016

LeClerc loom sample

Nilus LeClerc F series
One of the benefits, among many, of connecting with the Carmel Craft Guild is access to resources. There is so much information and knowledge shared. Members encourage each other, hold each other accountable, and generally network for Fiber. 

Recently, I agreed to store a floor loom for the Guild. It was built by the Canadian company LeClerc Looms around the same time as the house we live in. It seemed to settle in and say, “I’m home!” 

I decided to refurbish the parts enough to use the loom for the Beginning Weaving class. Success! 

sampler from Chandler book
It’s just about impossible to get a good picture of the sample I wove, but here’s a detail of the twill sample. 

The idea was to weave plain weave with balanced, weft, and warp faced sections; then weave 2/2 twill with balanced, weft, and warp faced sections. I learned a lot, I still need to get a few more parts replaced, and I need to improve my techniques gobs.

The musicians among you probably already have seen where the 2/2 twill sections will lead. Can I weave 4/4 and then add some tatting to represent the melodies/harmonies and other details?

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