Tuesday, July 26, 2016


A motet is a short piece of choral music, typically of the Renaissance style of polyphony.

Now before the tatters in the crowd roll their eyes, and the organist harrumph, I bring this up because I think this composition form lends itself very well to my ideas in thread. All polyphony means is separate parts of the music happening at the same time. Like how cloth is woven. I’m thinking of twill; like the cloth used for denim jeans. So, I’m experimenting with the warp left over from the beginning weaving class and the thread left over from the Frauberger triangle. The colors aren’t very complimentary, so I won’t offend your design sense by sharing a picture. It has promise though.

For the local readers, the fire South of Carmel is filling the air with smoke. The plume was very visible Saturday from our house. We’re upwind, so we haven’t dealt with air quality issues. The animals are all spooked. On the hike yesterday, we saw several deer out in the open in places where they would have been hiding. And a coyote on the trail. There’s still room for all creatures to have their space, but it was a bit scary coming around the curve and seeing the predator loping down the trail away from us.

I think I’ll stay indoors and tat and weave and play the organ.

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