Tuesday, May 20, 2014

garden hat closer

I have finished my draft in white. I rather like some aspects, but not all. The bane of creativity!
garden hat draft in white
I have also finished the center of the Saint-Saens using blue. The scan doesn't look quite right, so I need to fix that before posting. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Garden Hat

It all started with a hat and a day dream in the back yard.

Some of you remember we have our own private little park in the back yard. I love sitting out there during breaks. This year, a hummingbird has built a nest in the mulberry tree. So, of course the binoculars are close by. The eggs are now tiny, tiny little fuzzy balls with very long beaks. The mother is very attentive. Apparently, feeding time is every 20 minutes or so. Talk about labor intensive!


I try to wear a hat when I’m outside. It keeps the skin healthier and it makes it easier to see through the binoculars. Well, my old hat was toast, so I bought a new hat.
As I was standing in line to pay for it, I mused that there was a nice open weave area; a little like some tatting I was working on. Over the course of the next day or so, I was musing on how to replicate that area in thread.


Well, I knew better than to try to sketch the hat. So, I opened my old, old clip art book; the one that saw much use with Cub Scouts and Brownie troops. I decided to use Mark (Tatman’s) technique of using the picture as a cartoon and laying the tatting on top as you work your way through the design/photo.

draft in white

It worked fairly well. But, it needed to be tweaked. So, I plunked down in my chair to tat a white version. To my eye, it looks more like a stocking cap. Sigh. It’s warm enough to move to the bench. I’ll post more when I have something recognizable as a pattern.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tatting chair

Well, it’s been awhile since I posted. Personal stuff got it the way. All good….well, mostly good. Just couldn’t figure a way to work it into this blog.


I’m back now. I’ve finished the Saint-Saens. I’ve started another version in blue. More on that later.


What I really want to share today is my birthday present:

my tatting chair

 My very own tatting chair. I use it daily. I love it!