Thursday, July 27, 2017


I need to remind myself regularly of my goals and my progress in reaching those goals. It keeps me motivated, focused, and friends and family appreciate being around me more. Lest you think I’m some overachiever, sometimes my goal is simply to make it through the day without _______ing. Sometimes my goal is to not work on ________ today. Musicians and artists seem to have terrible work/life balance. It took me a lifetime, but I think I’ve finally learned how to set goals and track my progress. 

This week, I’ve worked on my goal to attend Bach Festival events, clean house, work in the yard, and decide what I’ll enter in the Fair for judging and display. As part of that, I finished round 4 of the wonderful doily Renulek designed for this year’s Spring doily:
Wiosna 2017 by Renulek

I know what I want to do in the next round. So, that is entered in the task list for the next few days. It’ll take me awhile to have something to show, and I may just enter it in the Fair, so it probably won’t appear here until September. If you’re local, you’ll be able to see it at the Fair!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The Bach Festival is almost over. There’s been a lot of music. A lot of fun, fun, music; a lot of fun socialization. I’ll confess that most of my social time has been spent networking. I’m such a work-a-holic! Well, that’s what happens when you get to mix your passion with your career!

I’ve really enjoyed everything. Even the music I don’t typically enjoy. Mostly because I found myself busy with other activities when those pieces were being talked about or performed. But, when the level of musicianship is as highly trained and offered as what I’ve witnessed, it’s not hard to listen. These people know how to “music” as one of the kids said. He was corrected by the older lady walking with him, but we both knew what he meant. Truth be told, I liked his phrase. There’s more to creating art than technique, knowledge, skill, creativity, dedication, the list goes on and on.

            For those local and Festival visitors, the Raffle continues through next weekend. Then the tickets are drawn, the art taken down and distributed, and hopefully all get to enjoy more art in the future. I have confidence the music will continue. I look forward to experiencing more, creating more tatting, and inviting more people to join the fun!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bookmark finished and displayed

I have permission to post pictures of the tatting chosen by the fabulous volunteers at Carmel Bach Festival. This is part of a fundraiser Raffle. Artists apply and after acceptance, create a small piece of art to be raffled. Usually there are more than 100 pieces. This year, the variety and quality are superior. There’s paintings, photography, sculpture, mixed media (paper & jewelry), and several fiber pieces. I am so honored to be a part of this show!

Last night at the opening I met a lot of people. Everyone was so positive. Several artists were fascinated with my process. I heard many times from established, successful artists word of encouragement in finding my voice and creating more pieces. I’m a bit giddy! Note to Georgia: not one time did I hear that tatting is a lost art! It was humbling to know that these art collectors consider tatting alive and well and vital.

So what was the piece?
Joy bookmark

This bookmark is based on the melody Beethoven uses in the last movement of his Symphony no. 9. We use it regularly as a hymn. You’ll find the text starts with “Joyful, joyful we adore Thee” or something similar. Most hymnals list the hymntune as Hymn to Joy. If you orient the bookmark horizontally with the joy bead to the left, you’ll be able to “read” the tune. I chose to represent the degree of scale with the number of beads. 

Ex. The melody starts on Mi or the 3rd degree of the scale. I used 3 beads in the first ring. The melody only uses the first 5 degrees of the scale; so the rings have at least one bead and up to five beads. Even if you can’t read music, you can read this melody. For the edging, I create a trefoil design of rings and chains. I was “chuffed” as Jane would say that there are 9 repeats. Beethoven’s name has 9 letters. Quite a bit of numerology which is not everyone likes, but fun!

I’m also quite pleased that my little creation was placed next to a quilt. I count the artist as a friend and mentor of sorts. I’ll be buying at least one ticket to tuck into her box.
Monterey Cypress quilt
Today I’ll hear an organ concert. Tomorrow is a vocal Master Class. Saturday starts the full Festival. I’m trying to keep at the chores so I can attend as much as possible. Of course, I’ll be tatting during the odd free moment. Most of my time will be soaking up the music and making notes for future designs. The ideas will flow almost as fast as the ocean wakes break on the beach!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Jelly time

mass of jellies by dock

I’m so easily distracted by the sea! Here’s what I saw at the Coast Guard pier:

Blue strip jelly

Brown top jelly and seastar

sitting and watching us...

so many!

I promise I’ll get to work!