Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The Bach Festival is almost over. There’s been a lot of music. A lot of fun, fun, music; a lot of fun socialization. I’ll confess that most of my social time has been spent networking. I’m such a work-a-holic! Well, that’s what happens when you get to mix your passion with your career!

I’ve really enjoyed everything. Even the music I don’t typically enjoy. Mostly because I found myself busy with other activities when those pieces were being talked about or performed. But, when the level of musicianship is as highly trained and offered as what I’ve witnessed, it’s not hard to listen. These people know how to “music” as one of the kids said. He was corrected by the older lady walking with him, but we both knew what he meant. Truth be told, I liked his phrase. There’s more to creating art than technique, knowledge, skill, creativity, dedication, the list goes on and on.

            For those local and Festival visitors, the Raffle continues through next weekend. Then the tickets are drawn, the art taken down and distributed, and hopefully all get to enjoy more art in the future. I have confidence the music will continue. I look forward to experiencing more, creating more tatting, and inviting more people to join the fun!

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