Sunday, September 29, 2013

Foot recovery nearly there

One of the pleasant surprises from last month is that I have a good shot at 100 % recovery from the break in my foot. That was a surprise because I have had to settle for a lot less in recovery for my shoulders/arms/hands. On a good day it’s about 80%, on a bad day about 50%. ‘nough said. It has stopped me from committing to a regular job playing, but not playing on my own. I really think this has helped in my recovery. You see, organists have overdeveloped ankles and calves. Our thighs are generally toned and even though we sit a lot, our hips seem to be stronger and in better condition than many folk. So, getting muscles strength back after not walking for 7 weeks has been a bit easier. Not less painful; there’s only way to build muscle. I seemed to start with a bit of an advantage. So, off to work on those pedals.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

me, bonkers??? Why, yes!!

Jane E posed a question in a post: “why can’t I regulate myself? Why do I start a thing and HAVE to finish it?”
I like her answer: “because I’m bonkers!”
Well, I can’t claim to be bonkers in the same way, as I certainly have my share of unfinished projects, but I do feel like I don’t “regulate” myself well. I’ve taken to keeping track of how much time I spend doing what. It helps me to make a better to-do list. I’m more reasonable in how much I can accomplish and better at seeing what is most important. If that’s bonkers, I’ll gladly wear that label.

Now off to finish that project.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Connecting rings around Round 1

Here’s what Round 1 looks like in my final tat. Things are not blocked yet. I’ve decided not to block or get the thread damp until I’m done handling it. I’m trying to be very, very careful not to get any oils or dirt on it.
Round 1 with connecting rings
I’m pleased with the way it has come out so far. We’ll see what connecting all the Round 2 motifs looks like. It’s afternoon right now; the hot weather is breaking, but the humidity is up. So, I think I’ll read a book instead of risk getting the thread messy.

Sacred Threads Canvas done

With the summer heat, I’ve not been tatting much in the afternoons. So, I’ve chosen to spend more time stitching my chair canvas for Sacred Threads. In fact, the canvas is finished! Whew!!!!!

Now, it’s off to the upholsterers. Pictures will be posted after it gets back.

In case you’re wondering why the long silence on the blog, it’s been priorities. I am walking now. Exercises take up several hours a day. It’s uncomfortable to sit at a desk for long, and my laptop battery was showing its age. Plus, I had all the stuff we brought back from my Mom’s house to go through and find a place for in our house.

All that combined left little time for scanning and writing and posting. But, I should be back to normal now. All right, what passes for normal with me, hehehe