Sunday, September 29, 2013

Foot recovery nearly there

One of the pleasant surprises from last month is that I have a good shot at 100 % recovery from the break in my foot. That was a surprise because I have had to settle for a lot less in recovery for my shoulders/arms/hands. On a good day it’s about 80%, on a bad day about 50%. ‘nough said. It has stopped me from committing to a regular job playing, but not playing on my own. I really think this has helped in my recovery. You see, organists have overdeveloped ankles and calves. Our thighs are generally toned and even though we sit a lot, our hips seem to be stronger and in better condition than many folk. So, getting muscles strength back after not walking for 7 weeks has been a bit easier. Not less painful; there’s only way to build muscle. I seemed to start with a bit of an advantage. So, off to work on those pedals.

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