Monday, September 23, 2013

Sacred Threads Canvas done

With the summer heat, I’ve not been tatting much in the afternoons. So, I’ve chosen to spend more time stitching my chair canvas for Sacred Threads. In fact, the canvas is finished! Whew!!!!!

Now, it’s off to the upholsterers. Pictures will be posted after it gets back.

In case you’re wondering why the long silence on the blog, it’s been priorities. I am walking now. Exercises take up several hours a day. It’s uncomfortable to sit at a desk for long, and my laptop battery was showing its age. Plus, I had all the stuff we brought back from my Mom’s house to go through and find a place for in our house.

All that combined left little time for scanning and writing and posting. But, I should be back to normal now. All right, what passes for normal with me, hehehe

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