Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the month of September

September has been a month of two steps forward and three steps back. I refuse to spend any more energy on the three steps back. So, what has the forward progress been about? Well, enjoying some time camping, healing my wrist, helping my kids make the transition to another year phase in life, enjoying the sunrise and sunset when the weather cooperates, and of course teaching the tatting class. Someone asked me recently if I am rich. Yes, I am. I have a home that can be described with all kinds of positive words, I have a strong marriage, two independent children who can be described with all kinds of positive words, I am talented and have been able to find ways to share the talents. From the look I was receiving, I guess the question was more about money. To which I say: that hasn’t been a huge priority for me. I tend to live frugally and focus on what I can do each day. So, on with the day….after I watch the hummingbirds at the feeder while the sky clears.

Friday, September 14, 2012

my brain is faster than my fingers

Well, have you ever misspoke, saying what you were thinking instead of what the sentence really should finish with?

I miss-typed yesterday. In my last post I paraphrased Purcell, but was thinking of the Handel piece I wanted to find and look at. So, I typed Handel. Sigh.

The choral piece I was intending to reference is the “Bell Anthem” that Purcell wrote. We often use it for Evensong. The phrase that has been stuck in my head is “rejoice in the Lord alway and again I say Rejoice” (no s on always…..Purcell and his contemporaries didn’t always say always, but frequently said alway)

My apologies to those who caught the miss-type and let me know at rehearsal yesterday evening. <grin>

Thursday, September 13, 2012

after a long hiatus

Life has been lively lately. If I look at what I wrote down months ago for goals and see what I’ve accomplished, I get upset. If I look at what others around me have accomplished with my help, I smile. Guess what?? I’ve been smiling a lot lately. All that is hard to document in this blog. So, I say, life is good.

The sun is rising after I awake now, so I can see some spectacular sunrises.

The Fall term is starting for college kids I’m connected with. Their energy and liveliness is wonderful.

Our Sacred Threads ministry is up and knitting and stitching and bringing God’s peace to many.

The small number of tatting students I’ve been privileged to work with are sharing their talents with a whole lot of people.

Our Organists Guild chapter is embarking on reaching out to other musicians that love the organ.

So, to paraphrase Handel, and I again I say life is good!