Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the month of September

September has been a month of two steps forward and three steps back. I refuse to spend any more energy on the three steps back. So, what has the forward progress been about? Well, enjoying some time camping, healing my wrist, helping my kids make the transition to another year phase in life, enjoying the sunrise and sunset when the weather cooperates, and of course teaching the tatting class. Someone asked me recently if I am rich. Yes, I am. I have a home that can be described with all kinds of positive words, I have a strong marriage, two independent children who can be described with all kinds of positive words, I am talented and have been able to find ways to share the talents. From the look I was receiving, I guess the question was more about money. To which I say: that hasn’t been a huge priority for me. I tend to live frugally and focus on what I can do each day. So, on with the day….after I watch the hummingbirds at the feeder while the sky clears.

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  1. you sound very rich to me and just reading your posts makes me richer also!