Thursday, November 29, 2018

Gift Giving

Thank you for the great suggestions as comments to the previous post. I’ve come up with a flat shuttle to wrap the completed tatting around as it grows. I’m about a quarter of the way finished, so I’ll be using it soon.

Probably the biggest challenge I’ve had making a hobby activity my business is getting friends and family to understand the time thing. History tells us Piecework is not a way to get rich quick. Especially after the Industrial Age. Clever engineers are always suggesting a machine could create it cheaper than paying someone to tat the lace. After hours of discussion, if they hang in there that long, the conclusion seems to be reached that tatting is complicated. I’ve even had an Engin-nerd suggest that perhaps tatting should die out. I just let that one hang in the air. Didn’t even dare to look up from the shuttles!

So, do I abandon my quest?  I know I have a good idea! My lace represents music. It isn’t just a pretty batch of knots. My pieces don’t make good gifts, they’re usually too complicated and take too long to create. I know there are people out there who appreciate it. Not just because the lady in the big house tatted it. But, because it is art. If painters can put paint on a canvas and make money, I should be able to find a way to fill the world with my art. Turning a hobby into a business can be done; you just have to learn to be successful. I’m ready to get started. But first, I’ll tat up a few presents! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Insertion Progress

Here’s the progress I’ve made on this:

Since all the beads for this pattern are loaded prior to beginning to tat, it is easy to take on the road. I added the picot gauge to the lanyard for my “picot pin” hook. It worked out very nicely in my travels. As the insertion grows in length, I find tucking the shuttle and ball into a pocket a bit counterproductive. Things just get too tangled up. Perhaps I need to follow the lead of a veteran tatter who comes to the Study Group and put the lace into its own bag.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wiosna Round 10 progress

I decided to take this on a trip recently. I’d forgotten the folks I visited had seen the doily before I started with the lighter thread. Everyone was most appreciative of my efforts. I must say, I think it’s coming together. No cupping….yet…and I’ve added all these beads to the pattern! More beads to come in the next 2 rounds and then another thread color change. Whew!

I really like this pattern. I was so touched by the gift when I received it. Maybe I’ll finish this doily in time to join in if Renulek designs another in 2019.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Of beads and thread for insertions

Here’s my choice for thread and beads for the insertion to go on the shirt:

The thread is Herbal Garden Lizbeth in size 40 with 4 colors of size 15 glass beads. If I tat two strips for the full length of the panel, I’ll need 50 inches. That’s a lotta of thread (I’m estimating 25 yards on the shuttle alone with more needed for the ball.)and beads (I estimate 1000). But, I got enough!

That pattern from Monday class is still floating around in my brain. Wouldn’t it look great mounted to hang in a window as a sun catcher? Or maybe as a tree skirt in fun colors! Tamie seemed really taken with that idea. I plan to cheer her on! I’m sad to miss class the next 2 weeks. Tamie will be helping with the teaching as Georgia will be healing from getting a new knee. I’ll be thinking of you both!

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Mlle Riego insertion sample

Recently, the Online Tatting Class discussed a pattern from a book credited to Mlle Riego (pub. 1866) available through the Antique PatternLibrary. I disciplined myself to not start on this as I have a monster doily in progress.

This article on the pattern collection shows 3 edgings that caught my eye. I worked the middle one in Lizbeth Summer Fun. Maybe the choice was influenced, just a teeny bit, by the glorious summery weather we’ve had the last few weeks. It’s not quite long enough to be a bracelet, but could be lengthened. I’ve never liked wearing anything on my wrists, so bracelets never tempt me. Even so, I’m tempted to tat one up for the class and maybe for Bookmark.

The interest in the insertion is entirely selfish. You see, I have a shirt in linen that has a decoration sewn on that is not linen, kinda tacky lookin’ if you ask me. It’s already starting to unravel and look even tackier. Nothing for it but to tat an insertion to replace it. With beads of course. Now to choose the thread and beads….

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Christmas earrings

Iris Neibach pattern

Here’s the earring pattern by Iris Neibach that gave me inspiration:

Anything that appears to have a grid as its structure always reminds me of tablature or notes on a staff. I definitely need to play with this some more.

Up next: bracelet design with 5 long lines of beads and something else for the other direction.