Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Insertion Progress

Here’s the progress I’ve made on this:

Since all the beads for this pattern are loaded prior to beginning to tat, it is easy to take on the road. I added the picot gauge to the lanyard for my “picot pin” hook. It worked out very nicely in my travels. As the insertion grows in length, I find tucking the shuttle and ball into a pocket a bit counterproductive. Things just get too tangled up. Perhaps I need to follow the lead of a veteran tatter who comes to the Study Group and put the lace into its own bag.


  1. When I am doing a long length of tatting that tangles easily I use one of those curlers with sponge around them to keep it neat, clean and tangle free.

  2. Winding the work around a bit of cardboard can also help keep it from tangling.

  3. Thank you both for the great suggestions. One of my study group members offered a similar suggestion which I immediately put into use. I love my tatting friends!