Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Of beads and thread for insertions

Here’s my choice for thread and beads for the insertion to go on the shirt:

The thread is Herbal Garden Lizbeth in size 40 with 4 colors of size 15 glass beads. If I tat two strips for the full length of the panel, I’ll need 50 inches. That’s a lotta of thread (I’m estimating 25 yards on the shuttle alone with more needed for the ball.)and beads (I estimate 1000). But, I got enough!

That pattern from Monday class is still floating around in my brain. Wouldn’t it look great mounted to hang in a window as a sun catcher? Or maybe as a tree skirt in fun colors! Tamie seemed really taken with that idea. I plan to cheer her on! I’m sad to miss class the next 2 weeks. Tamie will be helping with the teaching as Georgia will be healing from getting a new knee. I’ll be thinking of you both!

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