Thursday, November 8, 2018

Mlle Riego insertion sample

Recently, the Online Tatting Class discussed a pattern from a book credited to Mlle Riego (pub. 1866) available through the Antique PatternLibrary. I disciplined myself to not start on this as I have a monster doily in progress.

This article on the pattern collection shows 3 edgings that caught my eye. I worked the middle one in Lizbeth Summer Fun. Maybe the choice was influenced, just a teeny bit, by the glorious summery weather we’ve had the last few weeks. It’s not quite long enough to be a bracelet, but could be lengthened. I’ve never liked wearing anything on my wrists, so bracelets never tempt me. Even so, I’m tempted to tat one up for the class and maybe for Bookmark.

The interest in the insertion is entirely selfish. You see, I have a shirt in linen that has a decoration sewn on that is not linen, kinda tacky lookin’ if you ask me. It’s already starting to unravel and look even tackier. Nothing for it but to tat an insertion to replace it. With beads of course. Now to choose the thread and beads….


  1. Lovely tatted! Well done that you've figured out a way to do it, it wasn't clear at all! I had a different idea, that is making a line of SR and then going around, but your way is easier. Hugs.

  2. Thank you Ninetta. I've started another version with beads replacing the smaller picots. It's coming out nice. The trickiest part: remembering the Mock Picot at the beginning of the larger rings!