Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pineapple Doily finished

Because my life took a tumble last May, it took me quite a while to finish this. Like 10 months. But, It’s worth it! Here’s a detail.

Pineapple Doily
I like the pattern. It will be some time before I start another square.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The game is done.
TIAS 2014
 Thank you, Jane Eborall, for a wonderful journey.

It’s fun to see all the different colors people used. Some have included sketches or posed their tatting in scenes. Great fun!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

TIAS Day 13

I agree with most of the people guessing on the TIAS. I think it’s a Sailboat. The poems and sketches are fun to see; a great way to break up the winter doldrums. Here’s what my version looks like today:
TIAS 2014 Day 13

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

TIAS Day 12

I set a goal of learning more HTML last year. I didn’t get far. I discovered there are CSS and other stuff. But, I have learned a bit more. It helps to have a daughter in Web Design. I do enjoy the hunt and puzzle, while still keeping tatting time open.
So, here's Jane's TIAS Day 12:

TIAS 2014 Day 12

Friday, February 7, 2014

White thread….ugh!

Something I struggle with in tatting is my sweaty hands. It makes working with white thread challenging. You just can’t allow any of your skin oils to get into white thread. It just doesn’t bleach out. And as the lace ages, it turns an awful color of, well, brown.

It’s a challenge to keep white thread white. Especially when it’s warm outside or I grow older and, well, age.

So, I’ve been trying mightily to keep my hands clean and not touch anything except the lace (no nose scratching, eye rubbing, or forehead massaging) and to drop everything when I feel that heater kick on in my body. Several times I’ve had to drop everything mid-ring. Well, I occasionally don’t keep things clean:

Soiled rings of a Round 2 motif
I’ll be replacing that split ring. If I can figure out how. Hopefully while it’s still cool weather.

On a more positive note, I’ve decided on which clear beads to use. I’ll be tatting up a sample right after I use my scissors (gaak) and re-tat a split ring (harrumph)!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

TIAS day 11

I spent most of the day yesterday playing with different option for beads for the Saint Saens final round. I think I’ll make a decision tomorrow, so tune in then. I’m leaning towards not using the crystals. But then, again…..

Here’s my version of the final section of part 2 of this year’s game:

TIAS 2014 day 11

What is Jane having us tat?????

Sunday, February 2, 2014

TIAS day 10 & rainbow at sunrise

My day started out with a rare gift.

We are normally awake before sunrise. I try to open a curtain or two so that I can see the sky lighten. It was cloudy this morning. (Yes, we got badly needed rain!) So, I knew the sky would be colorful….or at least I was hoping. Well, it was. I glanced out a west-facing window to see how light the sky was getting. I did a double take!

After checking out an east-facing window, I reveled in the rainbow growing stronger as the sun hit the clouds. I couldn’t dig out the camera fast enough. I don’t think I’ll forget how that looked for a long, long time. Absolutely gorgeous!

So, I was a bit later getting to the computer. I have completed day 10 of the TIAS. Do look at what Jane is posting of other people’s pictures and rhymes. It’s great fun.
TIAS 2014 Day 10