Sunday, February 2, 2014

TIAS day 10 & rainbow at sunrise

My day started out with a rare gift.

We are normally awake before sunrise. I try to open a curtain or two so that I can see the sky lighten. It was cloudy this morning. (Yes, we got badly needed rain!) So, I knew the sky would be colorful….or at least I was hoping. Well, it was. I glanced out a west-facing window to see how light the sky was getting. I did a double take!

After checking out an east-facing window, I reveled in the rainbow growing stronger as the sun hit the clouds. I couldn’t dig out the camera fast enough. I don’t think I’ll forget how that looked for a long, long time. Absolutely gorgeous!

So, I was a bit later getting to the computer. I have completed day 10 of the TIAS. Do look at what Jane is posting of other people’s pictures and rhymes. It’s great fun.
TIAS 2014 Day 10

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