Friday, November 1, 2013

October thoughts

As is my custom the first day of the month, I look over the last month and see what I accomplished. It’s my way of staying motivated. I try to stay focused on what I did right. I leave the examination of the mistakes for the second day of the month. I also set a timer to spend no more than 15 minutes each of those 2 days. Does that sound too structured? Well, I’ve found as a Mom who needs to have a personal life, I need that structured “me” time.

So, what did October 2013 have to reveal about me and how I spent my time and energy? Pleasant visits to family, an indulgence of attending an Organ Conference, see my canvas on a chair and in use, hosting a gathering in our back yard, and completing a large portion of a huge tatting project.

Not bad.

Now it’s on to more tatting and singing and attending organ recitals.