Friday, March 4, 2016

Tatting Tuesday with tea in Monterey

It has been my pleasure to start a Tatting Tuesday group. When the Study Group was proposed, I agreed to host and mentor and teach as needed. Tuesday was chosen as a good day. Interest was expressed by a half dozen people. We were off and tatting.

I realized after meeting for the month of February that Tatting Tuesday groups is somewhat of a tradition. It seems that there are several such groups across the world. What I didn’t know is that one must have tea available for the enjoyment of the lace makers. Now I do. So, each Tuesday afternoon, a few tatters gather in my studio, pull out their lace, listen and discuss what they have discovered, and generally enjoy the journey.

Some of the ladies have been tatting for quite a long time. Some are just discovering the world of lace. Each week, someone has brought something to show-and-tell or share. Last week, we browsed a collection of Dover reprint books, Russian and Japanese volumes, and of course chocolate!

One of these weeks, we’ll have a shuttle envy hour. Perhaps another we’ll have a romp through a new technique or two. At the very least, it will be a pleasurable afternoon of Tatting Tuesday with tea! 

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