Thursday, March 24, 2016

Could that be a doily pattern?

If you read my ramblings for long, you know I love a good sunrise. There’s nothing like a cup of tea or coffee while watching the sky light up! The colors can be spectacular, the play of light always delivers.
branch on pine tree with cones forming
The other day, the sunrise wasn’t very colorful. Not a cloud in the sky. Not even a contrail from a jet. Nada. Rien. Nicht. Normally the sun has been between the huge pine trees. The position of the sun at this time of year is behind a massive Live Oak tree. Love the name of that tree! Sorry, squirrel moment. 
I couldn’t even see the sun crest the horizon over the Santa Cruz hills.
That’s when I noticed how the shape of the tree looked circular….like a doily.
As the light grew brighter, more detail came visible. I began to see a pattern in the leaves….like a ring and chain combination.

Just a bit of aha to start the day. Of course, I had to browse the Dover reprint books I have for a doily pattern like my Sunrise through the Oak Leaves. Several fit the bill. Now I have to decide to drop the flag and start a monster doily (rewritten off course), or to stay on task. Tough choice for me! Squirrel!


  1. Passion comes through in all forms and shapes ! We see tatting everywhere :-) Beautiful pic. Eager to see what you make of it ...

    1. LOL I have too much on my plate this week. Next week I think I'll finish one of my WIP designs. I like clearing my plate!