Thursday, August 4, 2016

When patterns get adapted and organs need a new home

I’ve allowed my routine to slip. The result: not as many walking sessions, not as many blog posts, not as much practicing, nor as much tatting. Deadlines are looming! Time to get serious about that to-do list! First off, I need to finish the items I’ve entered in the Fair. Next, find a new home for a wonderful reed organ. On the way, I’ll use this:
lanyard for pin

I have found myself finishing this necklace repurpose. Remember that trip to Lacis? And the purling pin type hook I bought? And the necklace I started to have something to do while waiting in line? Well, it all came together. I’m pleased with the result. Thank you Nina Libin for the wonderful pattern! It was fun to play with the thread and beads. I finished most of it while listening to the lectures, Master classes, and rehearsals for Bach Festival.

Now I’m off to get the word out about the wonderful reed organ that has come available:

It's a very sweet parlor organ fully restored built by George Woods & Co. I wish it could follow me home. It was be so fun to sit down and play everyday. There's something very special about the way such an instrument plays. It is confusing to call them organs. Kind of like how different acoustic guitars are from electric guitars or even lutes.

But I'm rambling again! Off to the list. (Sounds better than Off with her head!)