Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Have I really written THAT much????

I’m feeling old today. It’s damp and cool, so my foot is aching. I picked up some furniture yesterday, so I need a rest day. This is the 401st post for this blog. That’s a lot of nuthin’ much tuh say. I can’t believe I’ve stuck with this for 5 years now. A lot has happened in my life. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve designed a few things. I’ve enjoyed it all!!! But, the thought of it all leaves me feeling…..old.

My tatting time has been taken up with preparations for theFair. I don’t plan on showing what I entered until after the judging. I’m pretty sure the judges won’t be reading this blog, but I consider it poor form to post pictures prior to their assessment. After that day, I plan to post lots of pictures of what’s happening there.

I’ve begun practicing another of the Little Prelude and Fugue by JS Bach. It’s my custom to dust them off each summer. Most times I find some excuse to play them each year. Well, any excuse will work!
I’ve also decided it’s time to learn the Vierne Pieces en Style Libre. They’re distinctive and have lots packed into a few short bars. I have sketches of some of them already inspired by concerts I’ve attended.
bell from silent auction box

 I’ve also decided Christmas gifts this year will be tatted coverings for some of the bells I’ve picked up. Similar to the coverings I did for ornaments. If an idea comes to you, and you share them, who knows what may come your way????

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  1. Congratulations :-))) No mean feat. 'Old'? I'd feel young & enthusiastic & all energized ;-)
    Looking forward to lots of those tatting pics ....