Tuesday, June 7, 2016

From Concept to Art

Has it really been 2 weeks since the last post? Mmmm Guess I didn’t realize how little I’ve been keeping up with. Or, I have been juggling too much on the calendar. 
I cut out a good bit of tatting on 1 project, haven’t figured out yet how to finish a second, rearranged the creative “stuff” in the house, and been supporting creative folks in the community. I promise to write posts on those activities soon.

Today, I’ll be reporting on yesterday.

What: Tatting display with examples of tatting from all over the world.
Where: Lacis in Berkeley, CA
When: Only a few short hours looking at the tatting after many long hours in the car driving there and back.
How: Thank you Joan and Zanie for helping pull off this adventure!

The display was wonderful. I’ve seen photos of many of the pieces on my computer screen. I recognized almost all of the names. So, seeing the tatting in person was just plain awesome. Plus, there were quite a few impressive vintage pieces. Not much information for the curious on who tatted with what thread from what pattern. But, the museum does their best to curate what they have; and their focus is lace which includes tatting and all things lace. If you can find a way to Adeline St., please do. They are only open from Noon to 5 PM which makes avoiding traffic a bit tough, but the journey was worth it. 

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