Thursday, June 16, 2016

Deer sighting

It’s that time of year. The deer that snack on the roses in our neighborhood are bringing the fauns with them. 
The other evening, the white deer appeared along with another doe, a yearling buck, and 2 fauns. I couldn’t get a decent picture. The only camera that I’ve had success with didn’t have enough juice in the battery and they disappeared before I found the spare. Sigh.
I’ll admit to getting up before dawn to see a sunrise, making a trip upstairs to peak out the window to see if the deer are here, examining the roses in my yard for signs of nibbling. I’ll admit to all that because I love connecting with the outside world in this way; that and walking the hill here. I’ve met so many of the neighbors I rarely get a good workout. But the social time is priceless and I am walking, not sitting.
A/O couplers as seen by the music

Tomorrow I play the Noon time recital at St. Paul’s in Salinas. I think I’ve managed to tell most of the locals, but please come if I’ve forgotten you. (and forgive the omission) After that, I’ll be cleaning and getting back to the shuttles.

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