Thursday, June 30, 2016

As the muse strikes and the world turns

The days have been full of creativity. I’ve re-fingered a Brahms Chorale prelude. Now it fits under my hands better. I’m using the version E Power Biggs came up with that has the chorale in the pedal. It sounds about the same and that means that I can share what Brahms wrote for organ more often. A worthy outcome!

I have some sketches of tatting to work up for a couple of the bells. I’m not sure when they will become the important task and get worked on, but they sit in my to-do chest.

The loom parts are installed, the warp sleyed and threaded, I’m ready to beam and then have fun creating cloth. Pictures will follow when the sun is shining. Just about every morning lately it has been foggy. The loom sits in a room of the house that is darker unless the sun is shining. Yesterday, the furnace kicked on while I was threading the headless. Really. It’s June and the furnace was running because it was cool. Like below 65 F. Really.

All this cooler weather has brought my mind to the folks who voted last week in the UK. I’ll confess I didn’t realize how emotional and incendiary the Brexit issue was. I do hope all parties will calm down, make a cuppa, and work together to make the world a better place.

Off my soapbox now. Back to shuttles, keys, and a walk on the beach.

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