Thursday, June 23, 2016

Springtime is turning to summer

I finished another pair of earrings. I’ve always gravitated to pastel colors. When this mint color showed up on the Pantone list, I found myself smiling. Then, Barb at Handy Hands offered thread in a mint color. Then life intervened and I’m just getting to playing with it.
Long Picot Earrings designed by Nina Libin

The pattern was simple once you got the thread set up. You don’t even need a shuttle; or a needle really. I tatted the first earring using just my fingers. For the second ring, I used a Single Shuttle Split Ring. That way I could hide both ends securely. The only problem with that is the space created between the rings. I found they began to twist. Then I decided that’s not really a problem. Thank you Nina Libin for creating such a simple, elegant pattern!