Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy celebrations!

Yesterday was a good day. The celebrations for July 4th were safe, community oriented, filled with friends and family. I didn’t tat; too busy with community events like parades. I didn’t weave; too busy enjoying family. I didn’t play the organ; too busy listening to the organ in the Theater downtown.

Thank you, Tom Delay, for showing off this example of early 20th century technology. It sounded wonderful. This picture doesn't show the console, but you can see the 2 pipe chambers flanking the stage. Sometimes I wish you could see the pipes, but the screens are so ornate and beautiful. 
The house was pleasantly packed and your music brought smiles to faces and hands clapped vigorously! I hope to get a chance at that keyboard soon.

Enough of this keyboard. Time to create!


  1. You've just created music with your words :-)

    1. Glad you heard me "sing" and smiled. That's what it's all about....and that no Hokey Pokey!