Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I broke one

I’ve been attending events during the Carmel Bach Festival. The concerts are the reason, partly, for the Festival. Most of the musicians have been participating for a number of years. There’s also an emphasis on learning about music almost always with a Bach twist. I’m finding it very helpful in figuring out how to promote organ and organ music to non-organists.  Always there are concerts given using period instruments. How does that horn player get all those pitches without valves? Probably using the same brain over body process as an organist uses to play a fugue. Another topic to consider another day.

During the lecture last night, I was so caught up in the topic (what A to use…..440 Hz or 415 Hz) that I almost tatted past an important spot without a bead placed. I must have broken the bead. I know I triple checked each section as I was loading the beads. I know I had it right. But, there we have it.

Now, this is a http://www.beanile.comNina Libin pattern. It’s exciting to see it come about and I’m happily working away. There are also 150 beads between the gap and the end of the thread. I’m NOT going to take all those beads off just to get on bead added. I’m going to try adding just that bead. We’ll see how successful I am. I’m waiting for daylight to work on it. It’s been so foggy lately I may be waiting until afternoon to have sun. And then the beach beckons with the sunlight dancing off the waves, the whales feeding, and general peacefulness. And there’s another lecture tonight on Idomeneo. Better get crackin’


  1. Those pieces are so beautiful!!! I can't wait to see the completed pieces!!! :)

  2. The picture is from one of Nina's book. I intended to link to her website instaed. My apologies for the mistake. Another time I should have proofread the post better!