Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A different kind of pick-up

Still working on learning how to pick-up on double weave so that I can weave the chart of the pipes. Here’s the sample I section I worked from the workshop last November. We had guests over last weekend. The Engineer/car nut was expecting to see a pick-up truck appearing as I weave. We provided dinner and the guest provided a show.  

section of pick-up on sampler
The progress is slow because each square on a chart is 4 ends. That means for each row of the chart, you pick up by hand using a knitting needle or dowel the squares necessary, tromp the treadle to create the shed, through the shuttle, remove the pick-up tool, beat and then repeat for 4 times. So, for this chart of around 10 rows, I’ll be going through 4 steps for each row or 40 steps which equates to about 10 hours for just this small pattern. Whew! And you thought tatting is slow progress! It will be worth it.

I didn't embarrass my guest. I did relate how a friend introduced a demonstration of spinning/dyeing/weaving by asking the class to name examples of fiber. The kids answered, "whole grains, fruit, vegetables." So, now that class also knows another definition of fiber: wool, cotton, silk.

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