Thursday, May 5, 2016

of curls and beads and quilt thread

I’m still learning to curl my rings. I think I need to go back to the beginning. I think I need to do a sample without beads in the quilt thread I’d like to use. I think I need to learn to walk before I run. I know I’m burning a fair amount of time with this, but I’ve already amended notes for several patterns based on pieces with chordal structure.

Chordal structure is a term used to pigeonhole music that plunks along with several voices harmonizing at once. Think hymns, barbershop, anything with a full rich sound. The opposite is a melody tripping along with an accompaniment or a fugue. Chordal harmonies are not exclusive to Western European music, but hold a very prominent place in the palette of sound.

Once I get the curled rings mastered, I’ll work on one of these ideas I have and post my sketches as they appear in thread. I will do my best to interrupt the creativity to post Tuesday and Thursday here, but make absolutely no promises. I have very little discipline when it comes to turning off the organ and setting down the shuttles!

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