Thursday, May 12, 2016

Of preservation and white deer

Today’s post has no pictures, as you can see, and is a recap of previous ongoing topics.

Preserver or restorer?

A good friend recently described his attitude towards things old as being a "preserver" instead of a "restorer." Well, that fits me too. I enjoy the activity of discovery of things old far more than I enjoy the activity of demolishing and rebuilding. My excuse is that I don't have confidence in my skills and the materials available will be up to snuff when compared with the worn but original item. I also think I must have some archaeology tendencies. I can't seem to demolish something when the story it tells seems important and somewhat incomplete.

I improvise on the organ a bit. It’s fun. But, I like to delve into a published composition and bring their ideas to sound. I like to tell a story I imagine, and I like to read stories other people imagine. Same with tatting patterns. I enjoy bringing a string of symbols and letters or a diagram to life in thread.

I fall in the preserver category. There’s an auction this weekend. I’ll be going not to buy a specific thing, but to see what other people have preserved or restored. Yes, I’ll be tatting there as others spend money.

The White deer is a bully.

 She is probably doing what deer Moms do. But, she’s not sharing. She chases the other smaller deer away from her favorite food source. That bothers me a bit. But, what bothers me more is the food source. Our neighbor has been feeding the deer. Throwing fruit and vegetable and scraps from their cooking over the fence. Where there’s prey, there are predators. I think about that as I hear cars parking and doors closing well after dark. There have been coyote and cougar sightings. I worry that a young person just trying to study for the PSAT or working on a robot will not make it to graduation and never get to college. Just my imagination, but I really wish the deer weren’t fed.  

So, I focus on what I can control.

Our "new" house has lots of stories to tell. I know it will disappoint, and I won't be sharing them all. I just don't have the photography skills to keep up. It will also take years to make the house our own. So, I'm off to research what style of design details I should be using as a steward of this home. 


  1. An interesting read with 'food' for thought :-)
    I feel most craftspeople are inherently preservers. We like to create & take care of the created (whether by us or someone else) since we know the value in terms of time, effort, skill, imagination, that has gone into it.
    Just my 2-pence

    1. I agree. Next week I'll be starting to help with the County Fair demonstration area set up. We get a whole room for our display. There will be a weaving loom, and plenty of display area. I can't wait to let the adults and kids try out fiber arts!