Thursday, September 13, 2012

after a long hiatus

Life has been lively lately. If I look at what I wrote down months ago for goals and see what I’ve accomplished, I get upset. If I look at what others around me have accomplished with my help, I smile. Guess what?? I’ve been smiling a lot lately. All that is hard to document in this blog. So, I say, life is good.

The sun is rising after I awake now, so I can see some spectacular sunrises.

The Fall term is starting for college kids I’m connected with. Their energy and liveliness is wonderful.

Our Sacred Threads ministry is up and knitting and stitching and bringing God’s peace to many.

The small number of tatting students I’ve been privileged to work with are sharing their talents with a whole lot of people.

Our Organists Guild chapter is embarking on reaching out to other musicians that love the organ.

So, to paraphrase Handel, and I again I say life is good!

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