Monday, August 20, 2012

progress on the pansy diagram

I'm the type of tatter who needs to make copious notes as I tat a pattern. That is if I wish to repeat any successes and avoid making the same mistake again. So, I tend to copy patterns out of the books and the margins get full fast. Here's the back story on the pansy:

It's published in the Priscilla book on page 18. I first saw it in my Dover book published in the 60's. I love pansies, and so tried to tat it. I soon gave up thinking I just didn't have enough grasp of techniques. Then Yarnplayer posted a beautiful version. She's listed a class in this on which I would like to take. Then, Sarah shared her rewrite with the Online Class. Thanks to these two wonderful artists, I gained the courage to try again. That and I needed something for my apron.

It turned out well. So, I decided I had to diagram it. Thanks to Gina and Sue, I am familiar enough with Inkscape to get into trouble. But, so far, this is working well.
diagram of 3-D pansy with beads
 Well, OK.....even I wouldn't be able to figure this out a year from now. So, I decided to break it down. I now have diagrams of the individual petals, similar to the photos that Sarah put in her document. I know have what the first round would look like:

First Round of each petal

Now, I need to add the other two rounds. It may take me awhile. I'm back to putting the next idea into thread on the Saint-Saens and I need to take a trip to Oregon to help sell my Mom's house. And of course, working through this pattern has spurred ideas for the rose pattern I love. Sigh....what's the saying about books and time???? I think there's so many patterns and not enough time.

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  1. It is in the Dover book that I saw this and those patterns will drive even a Baptist to drink!

    You did a wonderful job of diagraming. I can't wait to see what you do with the rose pattern.