Sunday, August 5, 2012

more bookmark variations

I’ve finally finished my Anne Orr bookmark comparison. Whew!
variations on a pattern by Anne Orr

I have a personal favorite, but they each worked up rather uniquely. I can see using more than one of these variations. They will end up going to my friend-the-Chaplain.

I think next I will work on an edging to go on my apron I wear while teaching. I think I will start with a peruse through my Konior book and then maybe another look through some other books.


  1. I like them! Such a simple, effective pattern! I think my favourite is the symmetrical one, but I am "seeing" the "wiggly" one looking very interesting with a different colour for the chains...

  2. Mary-the-Chaplain agrees. I think I will repeat this pattern set with a variety of threads. The original pattern mentioned pink/white, but that just doesn't stoke the creative juices for me. This just strikes me as a strong pattern. Maybe a neutral and red, or some other strong color. Thank you for your thoughts Monica!