Monday, August 13, 2012

doncha hate it when that happens????

Ok….so this is what can happen when you don’t really measure out the thread you need to finish a snowflake:
daisy picot snowflake by Stephanie

This isn’t the first snowflake I have run out of thread on. I typically work up a sample to the difficult section so that I can give visual, oral, and kinetic instruction during the class. This means that I work the pattern at least 7-8 times. So, ya think I’d have the amount of thread needed down. Right????

This is the solution I came up with:

and my way to finish the ring.

I’ll be presenting for two more classes at the Jo-Ann Fabric store. A big thank you to Winkerbill for giving me permission to use her pattern. The response has been so warm; I thought the snowflakes would melt….if the heat wave didn’t get them. Next month will be a fall theme. I just may revisit this snowflake later though.

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