Friday, August 3, 2012

Saint-Saens test no 4

Well, I finally got back to the Saint-Saens with a bit more time than just a few minutes to stare at it. I’m still working in my “muslin” thread/bead choices. I figure if I can’t see the possibilities in this, I’m headed down the wrong path anyway. I’ve got a bit of tweaking to do on the two outer rounds, but you can get the idea for the busy section.
Saint-Saens test
In the movement from the Symphony, Saint-Saens states each theme, and then begins to pull in other ideas. He restates ideas from earlier movements, mixing them up with ideas from this movement. I’m not sure if I’ll keep all the negative space, but the orchestration is pretty sparce and the organ part is really quite simple. The whole time I’ve been working on this, I keep reminding myself: “less is more” and “KISS” and “stick to the point” etc. I will be letting this sit for a day or so; then messing with a couple of ideas on the computer before putting anything in thread again.  

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  1. I love the way your mind works. And then to be able to put those thoughts into something others can see, amazing! And I so enjoy reading your blog.