Tuesday, July 31, 2012

lazy musings

Life has been a bit slow and lazy lately. That hasn’t kept me from tatting or thinking about tatting. Everything has ended up in my sketch book. Here’s an example:

Sinfonia:  Two measure motif that gets tossed back and forth….use chains on either side of rings; maltese; rings on either side of a center section of ?????

     6 key centers in 30 measures alternating Major, Dominant, Relative, on to next key center…..develope motif representing scale degree and mode; use color for mode;

     Research whether motif in sinfonia was used in larger work

     Play with improv on motif and research results

That’s a bit hard to put on paper or blog, but some of you may get the idea. The rest can go ahead and have a good belly laugh at the way my brain works……my friend did the other day. I’ll admit to laughing at myself quite a bit, so I didn’t mind at all.

I hope today that everyone can find something, no matter how small, to enjoy and smile about…maybe even laugh.

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