Monday, July 9, 2012

keeping my focus

Well, I’ve decided to not do a give-away as a celebration of my 100th post. I’m not trying to be a party-pooper, but my budget just doesn’t allow for giving away of the magnitude that attracts attention in the blogosphere. So, I decided to rely on what I write and post to attract the attention I am targeting. I guess with a full house of family, I just feel like keeping my focus is a struggle. Not that they are making it difficult, it’s difficult for me under normal circumstances (tongue planted firmly in cheek!) and my tatting is important. So, what have I been doing lately?

Last week I continued to work on the Saint-Saens motif. I’m stuck. I continued to work on the earring using the star jump ring. I learned the hard way to let the thread sit a day before loading the shuttle, after loading the beads, it’s wise to take another break, and finally, when you’re tired after a long day of designing is not the time to try a new pattern.
So, after spending 4 hours demonstrating at the Jo-Ann’s store, I finished some samples from the class that fell off the offered list. Here’s the bracelet I was using.
False tatted plait by Gina Brummet

Now that I don’t have 4 shuttles tied up with that sample, I can use them to start more projects….No! I have to remain focused. See how easy it is for me???????

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  1. well, I am proud of you posting 100 times give away or no give away. I had not heard about that before. You give of yourself and that is wonderful.