Tuesday, April 18, 2017

weakest link

Yesterday I discovered what I consider is my weakest skill in tatting:


I have spent time over the last decade or so practicing different techniques, working with different threads and tools, gaining my voice in designing; and have gained a fair amount of skill in those areas. But, I still struggle to capture the finished piece with a camera.

I’m not alone. Many fiber artists will practically groan when you bring up taking a picture. There are classes and workshops offered in using your phone to photograph. The posts I create for the Homework blog display a wide range of photographic success.

I have learned a few things. I’m better at bullying my phone than my digital camera. Black really does work. Oh, and just keep swimming.

Here’s what I’ve decided for Wiosna round 4. Forgive the abysmal photographs. I’m trying out new thoughts there.

The clear crystal type beads are from my stash. They looked so pretty in the store and I thought the round shape would work very well. The reason I haven’t used them before now? The inner hole is too small for the size thread I typically use. Even the size 80 thread is difficult. That makes loading the shuttles difficult, the beads heavy when tatting and thus floppy on the finished piece. Sigh! 

I’m also using my bone shuttle. It’s heavy and larger than I like to use. But, it feels nice, so I’m trying to get used to tatting with it. Perhaps my reaction to the bone is why many did not take to tatting in the past. 


  1. I can relate to your photography woes. Sometimes I need to take many pics, on different backgrounds to get a good enough view.
    The difference in your doily colours is amazing in the 2 pics ! Looking good, though :-)

  2. I'm hoping to find a photo mentor this summer. There's no excuse and I'm just that stubborn!