Friday, April 7, 2017

Almost there

Well, I’ve almost crammed 2 weeks of work into 4 days. Whew! Of course the chores are piling up and I wanted to sleep in so much this morning!

Just so you have an idea, here is a portion of what I’ve been doing:
portion of Ice Drop

This will go to the fundraiser. I hope it raises lots of money!


  1. Ooo, this is going to look truly festive and ornamental ! Will we get to see it in it's entirety ?

    1. Yes. I will post a picture after the fundraiser. Probably about May 10th

  2. I followed the link from the 25 motif challenge, I am intrigued by your picture, I hope you will show us the whole thing at some point.

  3. Wow! Just from the sneak peek, this looks like it's going to be a ROYAL Ice Drop! I can hardly wait to see the finished piece!

  4. Thank you! I am pleased with the way it's turning out. I'm considering mounting and framing as the thread is vintage and not robust.