Wednesday, February 3, 2016

TIAS 2016 Day 10

Well, my guess of a dinosaur isn’t correct. I wasn’t tatting a beak, but an ear.
Jane's TIAS 2016 Day 10
It’s always fun to try to tat a section without the previous section directions sitting in front of me. At least most of the time. I saw with this TIAS just how much I’ve come to rely on diagrams! I think that has been what has challenged me most this year: Moving ahead without seeing where I’ve been.

What an important nugget for me in this new adventure in Monterey Bay area! When you pack up your belongings and move them to a new house, you are wise to sort through and pay for the movers to take only what you need. Putting something on the moving van just because you may use it in the future is silly. Putting something on the moving van just because you haven’t sold/donated/gifted it just doesn’t make sense. Putting something on the moving van because someone else has expected you to store it for them is hardly wise at all.

I’m not planning to share where I’ve been; that would not be interesting. I will probably not share all I’m doing at the moment; most of it is trivial, believe me. I will be sharing those little nuggets that will make up the future; organ events I participate in, tatting patterns I design, music I play, tatting I tat, you get the idea.

A final word:

Thanks to all who have helped me as I begin this adventure. Come along and enjoy with me!

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