Tuesday, February 16, 2016

a new desk

During our move, I made a big commitment to myself to stay organized and not let clutter get in the way of my work. I’ve had a bit of success with that. One area I wasn’t doing so well in was the desk/computer area. 
I tried a laptop, but couldn’t keep the piles from taking over all available surfaces….including the closed computer! I tried a table for a desk, but couldn’t manage any writing surface for those notes and such I like to make sitting at the computer. Besides, sitting at just any old surface in any old position wasn’t treating my arms and hands well at all.

So, I searched for a desk, and found this:

The desktop computer fits inside; along with a second monitor. It fits on a wall just nicely so it will be the only thing in that part of the room. There’s 2 pull out shelves for note taking. When I’m done for the day, I clear the surface(s), roll the top down and I’m not at work!

It looks nice while I’m sitting at the loom. It’s around the corner from the organ, piano, tatting and music storage. I can’t let piles begin, so I’m doing better about putting things away. Now to train the cats and other humans how to live with the new desk!

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  1. That is a beautiful desk, I like the idea of closing the lid at the end of the day.