Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Slow but sure

I picked up tatting again as my kids grew older. I found myself with “dead time” while they stretched their wings in sports and music and tech activities. Not being one to sit still, I started to revive my love of thread and lace. What I had learned as a teen came back quickly, there’s more information available now with the internet, and I even found a small band of folks at the Lace Museum in Sunnyvale. The projects and patterns I tat during these times are often repetitive and not very exciting. Satisfying to be sure, just not as complicated as what many designers are putting out there for us.
I try to remember to tuck a shuttle with some bright colored thread into my bag. If people are curious, I can tat them a butterfly while explain tatting. This leads to the Mary Poppins effect with kids. They will eye my small bag with a curious look. You can almost hear them thinking, “what else is in that bag?”

Yesterday, I finished another stripe of the flag.
rework of flag pattern from Workbook

 Because I don’t tat fast, it may be finished by Fair time, or may not. I really find the fabric effect of the pattern very satisfying. Now to find the red thread and load the shuttles again.

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