Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A finishing

This week seems to be a finishing week. I’m almost giddy with the sense of accomplishment.

fireplace in study
I’m back in the room I like to tat in. My piano is also there for easy access to a keyboard. The computer is NOT in that room. That would be too much. Here’s a view from the tatting chair.

I would still like to redo the fireplace surround and floor tiles. We won’t be using it for warmth; or even for a gas or electric log.

You see, it is spring here. The fruit trees are already in bloom. The rest of the trees have coated everything with pollen. My sinuses are closing up just thinking about it. I hope we get a good rain to wash it all off the surfaces you touch outside (car door, mail box, trunk handle….you get the idea).

Now to settle in with a couple of shuttles for the design class homework.

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