Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Better Bunny

Remember my sad looking bunny? Well, I went to trim the whiskers and clipped part of the picot holding the bead. That being the fifth error, I decided I really needed to tat a better one. Now, since most of my thread and bead stash is in the construction zone, I opted for the pink thread with smaller beads. 
TIAS 2016 by Jane Eborall

Looks much better, huh?

I also finished a heart that I started thinking I would do a basket like Cyn describes: tatting 3 or more hearts and joining them down the sides. Again, too many errors to compete the total project. I’ll be starting another set soon. 
Julehjerter by Anne Bruvold

2 more motifs for my challenge! Whew!!!

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