Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wild Rose 2.2

I’ve been working on designing skill. I’ve decided it’s a skill. 

What little talent I have always seems to run out as I get to the point at which shuttles are filled ready to try the ideas. Sue Fuller has been teaching a design class on Tuesdays. I’ve really learned a lot. It has helped my design process. I still need a lot more help. One area is getting the designs from thread onto paper so others (including myself in the future) can recreate the lace. To that end, I decided to take a pattern from the Younburg project and tat it and write up the pattern and create a diagram.

So, here’s what I have so far:
Wild Rose by Nellie Hall Youngburg
I didn’t like the gapsosis in the larger rings. It just didn’t look very flowery. More like hearts. So, I decided to try adding some embellishments. Beads to fill the gaps and Josephine Knots instead of the smaller rings:
Wild Rose by Nellie Hall Youngburg
Obviously, there’s still some work to do. Nothing written yet. But, I like what I have so far. Now to block it, do a proper scan or picture, write it up, and then share!